‘It’s very difficult to break the rules in Beijing’

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A reporter from Japan’s Kyodo News agency recently published a report entitled “Experience the Real Bubble in Beijing, Which can’t be compared to the Tokyo Olympics”, attracting widespread attention at home and abroad.3rd, the Japanese reporters in an interview with “global times” reporter, said the Tokyo Olympic Games and epidemic prevention measures are taken for granted that we will abide by the rules’, while China is considering how to prevent destruction rules, on the basis of develop more strict, closed-loop system formed in the true sense of epidemic prevention “bubble”.”I was impressed by the severity of Beijing’s quarantine measures,”The anonymity of Japan’s kyodo news agency reporter 3, told the global times reporter in an interview, “in my experience, China needs to accept the nucleic acid detection, arrived at the airport in Beijing, heavily armed and epidemic prevention staff again gave me a nucleic acid detection, also examined whether my carry-on baggage to have will be coronavirus.”He then took a bus from the airport to his hotel, where the driver’s seat was also covered with plastic sheets.After arriving at the hotel, they must stay in their room until the nucleic acid test at the airport comes back negative.The Japanese journalist, who covered the Tokyo Olympics last year, compared the epidemic prevention measures between the Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying that Beijing’s epidemic prevention measures are truly closed loop and Tokyo cannot be compared with them.For example, Japan does not test luggage for novel coronavirus. Although he had noticed that China does, it was only after experiencing it at the Beijing airport that he felt the rigour of China’s quarantine measures.And it’s hard to break the rules in Beijing.Despite Tokyo’s regulations, the entrance and exit of the hotel were not guarded, and people were allowed to go to convenience stores near the hotel. Japanese volunteers also commuted from their homes to the venue.As a result, the number of COVID-19 infections in Japan continued to rise during the Tokyo Olympics.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, athletes, volunteers, media and related personnel all closed the loop, forming a “real bubble” of epidemic prevention in a real sense.”The severity of quarantine measures in Beijing cannot be compared to that in Tokyo.”The Japanese journalist told the Global Times that Japan takes it for granted that “everyone will follow the rules”, while China has developed a stricter closed-loop system based on considering how to prevent breaking the rules.But he also thinks the Beijing Winter Olympics may have learned some lessons from the Tokyo Olympics.The Japanese reporter noted that “during the Beijing Olympics coincide with Chinese New Year, in such an important holiday, volunteers and related personnel to give up the opportunity with their family stick to in their own positions, let a person feel everyone in joint efforts for the success of the Beijing Olympics held”, it also left a deep impression on him.The Japanese journalist will cover the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on The start of Spring Day.He said that the start of Spring means the weather is getting warmer and spring is approaching. Seeing athletes from all over the world actively competing in the face of the epidemic will undoubtedly bring bright hope to the world.He told the Global Times that in addition to regular coverage of competitors and events, he hopes to witness a unique event in Closed-loop.Global Times – Huanqiu Reporter Xing Xiaojing Cao Siqi