Snow Wolf AA 2022034 Lucky lottery 3D data analysis

2022-05-19 0 By

2022033 Lucky Draw 3D drawing number: 744, span is 3 spans, and value :15.Interested friends like “+” attention “, focus not lost.Now I’m confused about the director of the lottery.1. The relationship between the tens place and the span, 3-1-2=0, how long do I have to leave out.I think we’re at our maximum.The original maximum missed value in history was 12 issues, but now 17 issues have been missed. I thought it was an inflection point since I missed the 11th issue, and I have kept the 6th issue, which made me lose a lot.But there are limits to making history!No way, society needs to tolerate lonely people, continue to keep.Ten don’t like 147.The span is not good 258 spans.2. The same goes for the middle number.Let’s move on to the two yards where the middle number is 2 or 7.3, and tail: this issue is not optimistic about the 26V tail.4. Confirm the middle number again: According to the relationship between the minimum number and the middle number, the middle number is 7 because I used 27 two yards to select the number in this period.In fact, the condition here is: the minimum number 456 and the middle number 789 appear in a good position, to achieve the transmission.Group choose big bottom: 178 278 279 379 778 probability game, reference others, believe in yourself.Don’t blame the wrong.Welcome to like, follow, comment, forward, favorites wish everyone good luck!