Spring Walking grassroots! Sweet!Fruit market opens “prosperous” mode

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“Uncle, let’s buy some oranges and sugar apples today. Sister Liu Ping ordered several boxes of them yesterday.”At 6 am on February 3, before dawn, Yang Chenglong, owner of Wanhui Fruit and vegetable shop, set out to sell fresh fruits and vegetables at Jiuding Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in Xinjiang province.Liu Ping, a resident of Lanan community, went to visit her aunt today and ordered four boxes of oranges and two boxes of apples from wanhui fruit and vegetable shop a day in advance. “Their vegetables and fruits are fresh and of good quality. I have been preparing Spring Festival goods at his house in recent years.””We go to jiuding Market every other day to make sure that the fruits and vegetables in the store are fresh, so that residents can buy the goods they are satisfied with.”Yang Chenglong said that the store set up a fair scale to eliminate the lack of weight, food safety is also guaranteed, so that people can buy at ease, eat at ease.”In the first month of the New Year, friends and relatives are really happy, we meet to say congratulations…”In festive melody, walk into fruit and vegetable riotous store, the reporter sees, a box of fresh pomelo, dragon fruit, a box of attractive strawberry, cherry tomato fruit is lining up “follow” the customer that buys them to go outside, send New Year blessing for the relatives and friends of customer.”I spent the last two days at home with my parents. Today, I went to my friend’s house and bought him a box of oranges and a box of raking oranges.”Blue county village resident Chen Min said with a smile.Farmers’ markets are the epitome of economic and social development. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to nutrition and health. In addition to traditional vegetables and meat, seafood, fruit and other products are increasingly sold and become daily necessities.”We used to sell just regular fruit, but now we have dozens of varieties like strawberries, cherries, and raquins.A few days ago, customers bought more apples and oranges during the Spring Festival shopping, but people still like to buy some rare fruits when visiting relatives and friends.””Said Xue Lijun, owner of the colorful fruit and vegetable shop.Due to high demand, Xue lijun and her husband go to jiuding Market every morning to ration fresh fruit to ensure that residents can buy fresh fruit at any time.In the family reunion, happy and peaceful days of dominant market traders choice in situ during the Chinese New Year the Spring Festival is not close to guarantee fresh fruits and vegetables continued for 10 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter in family members’ hospital of urumqi cement plant, is preparing to meet with the children the inhabitants of shihezi relatives zhao xiaoyong is filled with all kinds of gift box in the car.”These gift boxes were yesterday afternoon I specially to the jiuding market to buy, variety, good quality, exquisite packaging, the price is very affordable.”Zhao Xiaoyong said.Zhao Xiaoyong is a taxi driver. Due to his profession, he often heard customers mention Jiuding Market in recent years. In 2017, he went to jiuding Market with his family to buy Spring Festival goods.”Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold well, and people visit relatives and friends happily.”Such a scene, in the nine tripod market, fruit and vegetable retail stores, convenient outlets everywhere.The happiness of a whole family reunion and the friendship between friends and relatives are transmitted in the shining greetings and blessings of a delicious reunion dinner and a fresh sweet meal.