Zhengzhou Leiling double engine E+ straight down 32,000 yuan, welcome to appreciate

2022-05-20 0 By

Leiling double engine E+, waiting for so long finally have a discount, xiaobian heard guangfeng Xinbao High-tech Zone store car purchase discount of 32,000 yuan,Such a good opportunity friends are not also and xiaxiaian as can’t wait to think of the store to feel it promotion time 2022 02 18 to 2022 02 20 Leiling double engine E+ latest quotation model manufacturer guidance price/subsidy price discount range Zhengzhou quoted 1.8PH GSCVT Elite Edition 203,800, 32,200, 171,800, 1.8PH GS CVT Elite Fashion Edition 209,800, 32,200, 177,800, 1.8PH GS CVT Elite Skylight edition 212,800, 32,200, 180,800, 1.8PH VCVT Deluxe edition 218,800 yuan 32,200 yuan 186,800 yuan