In the early morning, I worked as an assistant for the rail transit driver: taking Jinhua citizens into the new era of rail transit

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On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, at 3 am, I put on my warmest clothes and wrapped myself in a thick scarf and went out of the house.There was no rain and little wind, which was a rare good weather in the rainy and snowy Spring Festival.At 4 o ‘clock, I arrived at the Tang Ya car depot located in jinyi New District on time, Jinyi east city rail transit captain Zhang Qun also just came out of the dormitory, also wrapped in a thick coat.Walking nearly 20 minutes later, we came to the depot reservoir area, many drivers have been preparing for the departure.”Please blow to test…”Zhang Qun walked to the all-in-one machine, according to the requirements of the alcohol test, the driver’s general knowledge and other tests, the system showed successful punching.”Rail transit drivers are concerned with the safety of jinhua citizens, and they can’t just take up the post casually.”Zhang Qun said jokingly, opening the black bag she had just received.”It’s the driver’s kit. It contains two handstands, a train schedule, three keys, a flashlight, everything you need to drive.”With her kit, Zhang Led us to the depot area, where the tracks were full of electric buses, with their locomotives fused with Wuju facial makeup elements, looking particularly friendly.After more than 4 years of hard work, jinyi east City rail transit officially started construction on July 28, 2017. On January 11 this year, the jinyi section, with a total length of nearly 58.4 kilometers, opened free trial rides. During the Spring Festival, citizens can still take free trial rides.Today, I worked as an assistant for Zhang Qun. From early morning, I took part in locomotive preparation, track rolling and passenger transportation of rail transit.Zhejiang Daily statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: