Ma Jinchao: We eat dumplings on the third day of New Year’s Eve

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“The focus of today’s work is on the prevention of fire and discharge patrols, patrols in crowded places, and solving problems for the masses….”At 5:50 am on February 5, when the whole city was still asleep, I walked into the yard of the special police brigade of Xixia County Public Security Bureau. The lights were already brightly lit, and Ma Jinchao, captain of the second Squadron, had already started his morning roll as usual.”Car 1 will patrol Renmin Road and Xihuan Road on behalf of Xinglong, radiate around the square and assist in receiving and handling police;No. 2 car Wang Yuhao is responsible for patrolling Baiyu Road and Zhongjing Road;Vehicle 3 zhao Zhifeng is responsible for patrolling Lianhua Road, Donghu Road and Dianzhu Road and baiyu Park;Car 4 wang Bo is in charge of patrol jianshe Road and north-south Street.”At six o ‘clock, the morning roll was over, and four cars, their lights flashing, drove one by one through the gate of the swat yard.Born in 1990, Ma jinchao is handsome, upright and dignified.After retiring in 2011, he returned to his hometown because of his excellent military and political qualities, served as a monitor and joined the Party in the army. In December of that year, he successfully joined the public security team and became an auxiliary police officer.In the past 10 years, with the natural qualities of being a soldier, he has been strict with himself in ordinary posts and completed the transformation from an ordinary member to a squadron leader.”Although I am only an auxiliary police, but to protect people’s safety is always my glorious duty!”Ma Jin Chao said happily.After ma Jinchao and his wife Zhang Xiaodan got married in October 2015, he was busy with work. Although the distance between his work and his home was only one kilometer as the crow flies, he stayed at home for no more than 10 days every month. It was just an empty promise to take care of his children and show filial piety to his parents.”Only when everyone is well can the small family be well,” his wife Zhang Xiaodan understood him and supported him more. “He is in charge of the team of 29 people and has duty tasks every day. I am responsible for the family affairs.For 10 consecutive years, The Spring Festival holiday is a verbal holiday for Ma Jinchao, and he never takes a day off.On January 31, it was New Year’s Eve. After the early roll call at 5:50 in the morning, the battalion leader led the team in person.Ma Jinchao renmin road and his team-mates in the county, white road, build way and so on more than 10 main street were banned banned propaganda and patrol, examined the epidemic prevention and control on duty high-speed intersection, zhongjing town have been supervised and police to times square and other public venues and directing the traffic on site, after the New Year’s bell ringing, along with the Spring Festival gala curtain call moving melodies,He and his teammates went to their bedroom, washed up and went to bed.One family is not a circle.At 7:20 on the third night of the first lunar month, Ma Jinzhao took time to return to his hometown, 30 kilometers away from the county seat. After eating dumplings prepared by his parents for reunion, he picked up his three-year-old son and his one-year-old daughter and kissed them on each cheek. Then he hurriedly left his family and returned to his patrol post in the county seat.”He stayed at home for less than an hour,” Zhang said. “While other families usually eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve, my family has been expecting a reunion of dumplings on New Year’s Eve for a decade.””Before becoming a soldier, I stayed in a police station for a year, I admire the public security people’s feelings for the people, now I admire my position, patrol with my teammates to protect safety, in order to let everyone have a good year, worth it!”Ma Jinchao said.