Municipal meteorological station issued a low temperature report

2022-05-23 0 By

Today, the beginning of spring, the weather is also very appropriate, rain stopped, the long-lost good weather return.However, there are still many clouds in the sky, and the highest temperature is 7.4℃.Tomorrow, the weather will continue to improve, and the long-lost sunshine is expected to appear. Please take advantage of this rare fine weather to get some sunshine. Due to the radiation from the clear sky, the minimum temperature tomorrow morning will be below freezing.↓ Huzhou Meteorological Station released a low temperature report at 14:30 on February 4th: affected by cold air and night cooling radiation, the lowest temperature is expected to be -1 ~ -2℃ in the morning of tomorrow and the next day, -3 ~ -5℃ in mountainous areas, there is freezing, please pay attention to prevention.Huzhou meteorological offices and short-term forecast today overcast to cloudy cloudy tomorrow night to fine northerly winds level 3, the temperature of 1 to 6 ℃ the day after tomorrow cloudy overcast with light rain and sleet or snow mountains at night but this wave of sunshine is just “rationing” people late in the rain and snow and back to the seventh huzhou have sleet or snow mountain area in the snow,The local snowstorm reminds us to pay attention to the weather changes and do a good job in keeping warm. At the same time, we should pay attention to traffic safety on the way home.From now on, you can enter the “Yuehu” menu bar of “South Taihu” APP, find the section of “Photographer”, and submit your article (photo or short video).In addition to winning points, your works have the opportunity to be published on Huzhou and love Huzhou wechat oh!The South Taihu is recommended