This wenzhou beauty’s work on the Spring Festival Gala!It’s too good

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Source: Yunjiangyi, Zhejiang Daily photo source: weibo user end, network happy New Year everyone!New Year’s Eve red envelopes have received soft!Have you seen the Spring Festival Gala?Good!No!Good!Look!What is your impression of the program “Jiangnan Memory”?Winglet jun quietly tell you this rendered in calligraphy seal cutting works written by Ryan of us Li Yan creation is reported that this year, zhejiang and the CCTV Spring Festival gala show “dancing” yi jiangnan “of poetry and creative sound” on the stage of Chinese poetry, books, paintings, seal, the combination of using high-tech digital technology recreates the collection at the museum of “national painting” fuchun mountains “.< Swipe to see the next image >Li yan is responsible for the calligraphic and seal cutting works in the program “Remembering South of the Yangtze River”. She has created eight regular script characters and five poems in wei and Jin xiao script with thin gold characters.The eight seals are all in simple Chinese characters with the names of the eight actors.< Swipe to see the next image >”This creation was also a challenge for me.”Because of the popularity of the program, calligraphic and seal cutting works need to be created with simplified characters, which makes it difficult, Li said.It turns out that the traditional seal cutting art is sealed with seal writing, so she needed to think about how to make the simplified characters of the seal show the beauty of the seal cutting art.In the end, she chose to blend regular script with official script to make the characters more ancient, and beat the frame with a knife to break it, creating a feeling of stone and stone to get closer to the art of seal cutting.At the same time, she also uses the style of small kai of Wei and Jin dynasties to express the calligraphic works with the thin gold style of Huizong of Song Dynasty, reflecting the charm of song Dynasty.Li Yan, do you know who else attended the Spring Festival Gala in Ruian?On The New Year’s Eve of 1992, Tao Huimin, a native of Ruian, appeared on CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time, performing opera and song “Temple Fair Scenery” with Deng Jie, Zhu Shihui and Ma LAN.On the New Year’s Eve of 2019, Wu Yihao, a native of Ryanair, performed the show Leap of Youth with actors Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong, bringing a colorful cheer dance performance to the national audience.On The New Year’s Eve of 2021, in the song “Landscape Neon Dress”, the girls from the modeling world dressed up.Among them, there is one of our Ruian model He Sui.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: