Why not eat minced meat: rich countries are more expensive than meat, but poor people love meat?

2022-05-23 0 By

In vegetable market, meat more expensive than food forever, this is the golden rule we went to the vegetable market to buy things, but is not the case in the western developed countries, in the west of the supermarket, the price of vegetables has sold the price is more expensive than meat, only poor people like to eat meat, this bottom but really why don’t you eat meat, why is so abnormal case?In fact, this is a developing trend.In our domestic vegetable market, some vegetables cost more than ten yuan per catty, which is actually more expensive than meat.In the future, with the improvement of productivity, the production of meat will be more and more, and the price of green vegetable products will be higher and higher.Only now, we are still cheaper than meat, although the West has been a different look.In the West, poor people tend to be obese.This is because poor people don’t have time to work out, and supermarkets and fast food restaurants are full of junk food and fatty foods, which poor people often eat and, of course, are fattening.Meat is in euramerican country, itself is listed as unhealthy food, eat vegetable more only, eat fruit more, talent can form healthy bodily form.Meat, in these countries, has increasingly become a low priority on the diet.In addition to meat, there are dairy and other animal products, basically.Europe’s agricultural system is already heavily livestock oriented, and farming is a little underdeveloped. Pig farming can be easily expanded, but farming is not. Germany, for example, has to import a lot of vegetables from Italy and Mediterranean countries, which makes vegetables naturally more expensive than meat.What do you think?