Beijing Winter Olympics daily burning point | Gu Ailing or Yusheng Yuxian, time conflict, you see which one?

2022-05-24 0 By

Today is on track to produce the most gold MEDALS of any competition day at the Beijing Winter Olympics, with a total of 10 golds.Among them, The Chinese delegation will be freestyle skiing women’s big jump and speed skating men’s 1,500m gold medal challenge.Gu, the “king of popularity”, will compete in the women’s freestyle platform final at 10 am.She qualified fifth in yesterday’s qualifying round, including a big mistake on her second jump.However, Gu’s flagship double somersault, 1440 degrees, has yet to appear and should remain in today’s final.Judging from the situation of the qualification match yesterday, including Gu Ailing, five or six top masters have a chance to fight for this gold medal, it depends on who plays better.And like Gu, the other favourites kept their tricks to themselves during the qualifying rounds.Therefore, this final is bound to be particularly exciting and exciting.In men’s 1500m speed skating competition, Ning Zhongyan shoulders the responsibility of winning the first men’s speed skating gold medal in the history of winter Olympics for China.In 2021-22, Ning won three gold MEDALS and two silver MEDALS in four World Cup races, winning the 1500m in Norway and finishing second in Poland and Salt Lake City.In other gold-medal events, such as alpine skiing, biathlon and luge, Chinese athletes mainly focus on participation.In terms of foreign athletes, there is also a “king” who will make his winter Olympics debut: Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu.The once elusive Yuzuru Hanyu finally made his debut in an open pre-competition training session yesterday, and this morning he will compete in the men’s singles short program.According to the entry list, Yuzuru Hanyu is ranked 21st.However, this time period happens to be in conflict with Gu Ailing’s gold medal competition, so we don’t know what the audience will choose.Jin Boyang of China, who had a good performance in the team figure skating competition, was the fifth contestant in the short program.Cartography: Qu Junyan Source: Zhou Zhou Shanghai author: Yu Jiong