Books to send hope | love book donation point hanging!Donate books for badges and coupons

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Qilu evening News · Qilu one point reporter Lou Kai Zhao Zhuoqi “this love book donation point is what?””How can we donate books?”On the afternoon of December 12, the dongguan branch of Soo-ok Civilian pharmacy was officially listed as a donation point for books.The brand new plaque and the warm pink donation cart have attracted the attention of many citizens and customers.After learning about the activity, everyone praised and said that they would also come to donate books, to give a love for the children of “Hope Hut”.On the afternoon of December 12, at the Dongguan branch of soook Civilian pharmacy, the staff who had just received the materials were eager to sign up for the donation of books.Warm pink signs, shiny new plaques, piece by piece installed, fixed and carefully polished.The store suddenly added a bright color which caused many customers to watch.”What are the requirements for donating books?””Can we just bring it in?””Asked a customer at the scene.In response to customers’ questions, the staff of Soook Pharmacy patiently answered that they were donating books for the children of “Hope Hut” in the whole province. As long as you have books suitable for children aged 3-16, more than 80% of them can come to the store to donate.”If you donate five or more valid books, you will get a badge of love and a coupon of 10 yuan off every 20 yuan from soook Pharmacy, which can only be used in that month.””The worker said.It is understood that, in order to let the children of “Hope Hut” can read more good books and obtain more knowledge and power, Qilu Evening News and Qilu Yidian, together with the Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, launched the 2022 2000 love book Corner donation plan for One Point on January 18.At the same time, Shuyu Civilian pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. as a support unit will set up 127 love book donation points in the province, and encourage employees to donate books to help children on their way to school.”My granddaughter has a lot of extra books at home that she doesn’t read any more. I will organize them and donate them to children in need. My granddaughter will also be very happy.”Citizen Wang said.