TTG fiasco XYG xi mention 3 even kneel, “true core” after walking can not get up after a fall, clear smile can not come out

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Game 3 of week 2, Day 4 of the 2022 KPL Spring Season is already settled!The final result was: TTG defeated XYG 0-3.With this loss, TTG has lost three games in a row so far this season and has yet to score a big game.As it stands, TTG’s a-loss is almost A foregone conclusion, even if they can win as many games as possible, they are still likely to be relegated.Have to say, TTG this time really is to refresh the lower limit ah, “eucore” went directly after a setback, clear still feel wronged?I don’t think you can laugh, can you?Before the battle between TTG and XYG, TTG started with two consecutive defeats, but most people think TTG should win XYG, why?Because TTG played estarpro and Wolves in their first two games.The guys thought it was normal for TTG to lose estarPro or Wolves, but no one thought that TTG not only couldn’t beat XYG, but couldn’t even win a game!TTG have hardly made any changes to their starting line-up this season, with the exception of the temporary replacement of Ching Ching in the opener.However, what really changed in TTG is the coaching staff. The former head coach Kai Kai became the competition training director, but he was suspected of being taken over, while the former competition training director LovECD was forced to leave TTG without any reason.Lovecd has been leading TTG for several years. He has no credit or hard work.Strictly speaking, LOVECD is the lower limit of TTG, and even the “eucore” of TTG. With him, TTG will not be able to improve, but at least its performance will not be worse.However, when the “true core” of TTG left, TTG became what everyone saw.In the case of TTG, there is no ruling out the possibility that they will lose their last five in A row and end up in group A.And clear as TTG in order to win the title of the heavy introduction, he this several seasons, performance is worse and worse, especially this season, to say the ugly point, his price of more than ten million, play out of the performance is not hundreds of thousands of good also south.I still remember that at the 2021 annual awards conference, Qingching made a joke on his micro blog just because the KPL Alliance didn’t give him the best road award, saying, “I really want to laugh.”With TTG in its current state, how can you laugh?Not laughing, are you?Don’t you think you’re the rivalry road of the Year?Don’t you think you’re strong?Why are you invisible or beheaded when TTG needs someone to step up most?And you think the road of the Year has to be yours?What a joke!Besides, you wouldn’t have stood a chance if wolves flying Bull hadn’t been disqualified.Guys, what do you think about TTG’s terrible defeat and XYG’s three-game losing start?Do you think TTG’s gonna drop to group A five in A row?Do you think Ching Ching can laugh now?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!Be there or be square in the comments section!For more exciting content, come to the King of Rain fans