Authoritative release!Central no. 1 document lets the teacher group eat a reassuring!It should be a future

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With the release of authority file, the teachers group, especially the interests of rural teacher is a big news, we often say that education is the cheapest defence, only on the basis of education, to cultivate more talents for the state, but in the process of implement, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of basic education of rural education and poverty county.Salaries are not competitive, on the other hand, it is difficult to attract talented people, on the other hand, the students’ quality is bad, it is difficult to cultivate excellent talents, at the same time, the status of teachers group in the society as a whole is not high, the relationship between teacher and student, the guardian and the relationship between teachers and so on all affect the development of teachers’ education activity.In many prominent contradictions and the teacher group is paid the most attention problems, parts of teachers’ income level is lower than the local civil servants income, for teachers’ group, the phenomenon of the enthusiasm of education was a big blow, paid more, although consider more things, but the income is very low, for such a prominent contradiction,The central government’s no. 1 document specifies whether the average salary of primary and secondary school teachers is lower than that of local civil servants, and applies the policy.As a matter of fact, there has long been a call that the average salary of teachers should not be lower than that of local civil servants. However, due to the fear of “air conditioning”, people have doubts about this, which has increased their enthusiasm for education and recognition of teachers as a profession.In addition, for rural teachers, policy tend to have more, as the most bitter of the first line of a career in education education workers, they don’t have advanced education resources, without a good education environment, also does not have a source of high quality, for their part, a career in education is the test of physical and mental, this time, the central no. 1 files made clear that for rural teachers,Teachers title evaluation at the same time of policy tilt, local authorities must conform to the conditions of countryside school teachers in local government housing guarantee system, may say the policy has brought the teachers in the countryside, after all, for the sake of the education in the countryside, they chose the toil to vent hatred, but we still can not pay them selflessly,Nor should I neglect many rural teachers.In addition, about the migration of their children in common peasant workers, the no. 1 files clear, must increase the supply of degree, effectively solve the problem of farmer workers migration children go to school, at the same time, considering the many rural students’ cultural level is poor, employment of inconvenience in the future, no. 1 central requirements expand the scale of recruit students of rural vocational education,But expanding the scale does not mean that the quality of education is not required, but improving the quality of vocational education can prove that children have learned things, learning real ability.