Lynk 02 now from 119,800 yuan welcome test drive!

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Bozhou Vision Star Run Bozhou Link 02 experience center as the largest A+ level link center in Anhui province, buy link 02 limited time comprehensive special offer 10000, more multiple gifts waiting for you to take, are you ready?Online car purchase Lynk Center will also provide you with: 1 Lifetime free vehicle warranty 2 lifetime free road assistance 3 lifetime free WiFi data flow 4 lifetime free annual check-up service 5 lifetime free car wash service 6 Loan benefits:To high 36 0 interest, ultra-low down payment, ultra-low monthly offer to let you buy a car without pressure multiple courtesy invited you into the store, note: (old customers introduce new customers to buy any model can be a basic maintenance) a variety of financial options for you to choose, click inquiry or call 400-972-8785 details see the following table:Address: Bozhou City, West Duzhong Road vision Car City, LINke 4S Shop.The above are the network quotation, to the store price is better, you are welcome to consult on the Internet, my store sales staff will contact you in time!Preferential terms with consumption items: in-store insurance in-store loan on in-store license.Lynk 02 now 119,800 yuan welcome test drive bozhou Vision Starrun Lynk Center entry service VIP treatment: one to one professional service, 24 hours telephone hotline: 400-972-8785.Catering service: free lunch, health flower tea, free coffee, free snacks.Leisure and entertainment: cable TV, computer, VIP lounge area, children’s amusement and rest area, free wifi, etc.Free pick-up service.Welcome you to consult online, to the shop consultation can enjoy more concessions!