Pingtan: “One stop” helps promote the “five Hearts” tourism

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When traveling, some conflicts and disputes will inevitably occur between tourists, businesses and travel agencies. So what should we do after encountering conflicts and disputes?Recently, in order to resolve tourism disputes in a timely and proper manner and further improve tourists’ sense of tourism experience, the People’s Court of Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area and relevant functional departments of the experimental area jointly established a joint tourism dispute resolution center to mediate tourism disputes in multiple ways.”Blue Tears, Windmill Field, Longwangtou Beach…As an international tourist island, Pingtan’s tourism industry has been “hot” in recent years, but at the same time, tourism disputes have also increased.In order to solve disputes efficiently and timely, we created pingtan’s first tourism dispute solving linkage center, and developed high-quality tourism in the experimental area through ‘one-stop’ dispute solving escort.”Pingtan court said.The joint center is set up in the Party group Service Center of Beigang Village, Junshan District. Pingtan Court and Junshan District, Public Security Bureau, Tourism and Culture Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Judicial Office, people’s Mediation Committee and other diversified forces form a joint force for dispute resolution.To provide legal services for disputes over compensation for personal and property damage, various disputes between tourists and tour operators, and other tourism-related disputes that are suitable for mediation, and resolve conflicts on the spot.”The judge’s efficiency in handling the case is really high. I want to commend you for settling our dispute in only one hour.”Mr. Wang, who came to Pingtan to travel, deeply realized the efficiency and convenience of the tourism joint Center.A few days ago, Mr. Wang took advantage of the holiday with a family of four from Xiamen drive to Pingtan travel, and check in advance in the online booking of the north port some b&B.The beautiful scenery of Pingtan made Mr. Wang and his family linger, but an urgent call from the company forced Mr. Wang to end his vacation early.Last resort, Mr. Wang to home stay owner Lin put forward in advance and return the remaining room fees, but this request was rejected by Lin.Lin mou thinks, Mr Wang returns a room to belong to breach of contract ahead of schedule, cannot return room fee, both sides produce dispute because of this.Helpless, Mr. Wang found in the north port village party group service center of the tourism solution of the joint center.After receiving Mr. Wang’s appeal, the joint center immediately started the joint mechanism of litigation and mediation.The judge of Junshan Court popularized the relevant legal knowledge to both parties and suggested mediation: Mr. Wang’s behavior of checking out in advance was a breach of contract and should bear the corresponding liability for breach of contract. Considering the small loss caused by Mr. Wang’s checking out in advance, the owner of the home stay should refund half of the corresponding room fee to Mr. Wang.Both sides agreed to the mediation agreement and finally reached a settlement.”For visitors to enjoy the live at ease, eat at ease, have fun, for comfort, swim too warm heart” “five heart” tourism, is the goal of the dispute resolution center, in the future, we will continue to standardize and perfect the remedy judicial service center, further improve the tourism environment for the experimental area of the rule of law guarantee satisfaction.”Junshan court chief weng talent said.Will be based on the trial functions, a stick to top position, with tourism linkage of dispute resolution center as a platform, fast and efficient resolving related tourism disputes in accordance with the law, help to build high quality, temperature of the tourism environment of rule of law, for pingtan comprehensive experimental area to build the international style, youth fashion “international tourism island to provide strong legal support.The judicial service function was further extended, and the judges’ studios were set up in the dispute resolution center. For disputes that failed in mediation, they filed cases on the spot, held court hearings on the spot, and publicized and taught nearby, giving full play to the important role of the people’s courts in dispute resolution.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: