The summer that can not go back // in sanya beautiful scenery Wei Ying absent-minded

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That can not go back to the summer later, met a lot of people, but they are not you, has not been sad, just have a wisp of shallow regret, regret in that summer, encountered young too amazing, and then the people appear, all appear so light.After four hours of absent-minded in sanya, the plane finally stopped at Sanya Phoenix International Airport and walked out of the cabin to a warm and humid breath.Out of the airport, take the bus to the hotel and drive down a southern street lined with tall coconut trees, a complete contrast to the scene of four hours ago.We arrive at the hotel in about 50 minutes.It has to be said that its decoration style is still outstanding among many hotels.Xu Xiaosheng took Wei Ying parents into the hotel lobby, arranged for them to sit down and so on, Xu Xiaosheng went to the front desk to register the room, Wei Ying took the luggage casually walked behind, listlessly sat beside his parents.”Go and help your cousin.”A word from Wei’s mother reminded Wei Ying, and he went to book a room with his 20% discount card. He heard Xu Xiaosheng say that he had decided on two deluxe rooms with large beds. He quickly interrupted, saying, “One room with large beds will do.Then he said to the waiter, “Can YOU change a room with two beds?””Let me see if there’s any room left?”Waiter is a little girl, Xu Xiaosheng came over, she secretly took a few eyes, to tell the truth, Xu Xiaosheng is really handsome, only one meter nine height harvest a lot of eyes, but also a pair of even Wei Ying envy eyes, with a little similar face and Wei Ying, no problem with a handsome boy.The little girl sees what he sets is two luxurious big bed room, still think it is come together with girlfriend, in the heart spread curiosity, want to see the girl friend of handsome boy is he he fairy, have so big ability.The result came over is another handsome boy, the girl’s eyes do not know who to look at.Because of the shortage of rooms during the Spring Festival, the girl checked out and told Wei Ying that there was no room. The earliest one to check out was three days later. Wei Ying reluctantly went to her parents with her room card.”Your room cards.”Four people walked into the elevator two by two, Xu Xiaosheng said to Wei Ying walking behind: “rest assured, don’t fart smoked you.”Two luxurious rooms are next to each other, Wei dad wei Mom into a, Wei Ying and Xu Xiaosheng into a.After a simple shower and changing clothes, Xu xiaosheng said to Wei Ying: “Envy, hungry, there is no good food on the plane, call my aunt, let’s have dinner.””All right.”Wei Ying’s interest has not been high, just Xu Xiaosheng to take a shower, he sent a message to Blue Cham, tell Blue Cham has checked in, and watched the video sent by Blue Cham, it is the home of The West Mountain Blue Cham.Different from the garden in Suzhou, although the whole garden still has small Bridges and rocks, but the whole looks stronger than suzhou, perhaps in the winter in the north, most of the plants are dormant, the stones are particularly conspicuous, even the gentle water is also firm into the shape of ice.Knocking on Wei Ying’s parents’ room, they just finished washing, Wei’s father is making tea, specially brought from home jasmine tea, which is wei’s father can not do without.The four of them discussed it and decided to have dinner outside the hotel.Haitang Bay beautiful scenery, with Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai bay, Yazhou bend and sanya five, due to the development of time and particularity, it is not as noisy as Yalong Bay and Dadonghai.Out of the lobby, the sea breeze blowing head on, let Wei Ma seconds smaller girls, pulled wei dad ran to the seaside, while running also shouted: “Old Wei, hurry up, I want to take pictures.”Xu xiaosheng pulled Wei Ying, who was dilly-dally, and said happily, “Go quickly. You are not as lively as your aunt.”Wei Ying rolled her eyes and shook her head. “My mother’s mental age is sometimes younger than mine.”Looking at his mother like a child on the beach with all kinds of pose, Wei Ying helplessly sitting on the beach.After a while, Wei Ying dragged a long voice and his mother said: “Mom, you are not hungry, eat first, a few days, enough for you to take pictures.”Wei Ma stepped in the ankle-deep water, deftly using his feet to pick up the spray, Wei Dad half squatted, captured Wei Ma happy posture.Wei’s mother shouted to Wei Ying, “Son, come and take a photo with your mother. The light is the most beautiful at this time. Don’t always be listless.Wei Ma, you know how much your son does not want to appear with you in Sanya.Change a person in the side to try, custody of Wei Ying mouth will not meet, early pulled someone channeled into the sea.Original author, without permission, reprint prohibited, plagiarism will be prosecuted.Beijing Zixia, like food, like travel, like that sentence in the crowd to find him thousands of baidu, suddenly look back that person is in the lights dim.