2021 star way Lingyun car experience, the owner opened 3013 kilometers, frankly said the real experience

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Everybody is good!I am star way Lingyun owner, from Anqing, I mention the model is “2021 400T two-drive Star Rui PRO version “, the purchase price of 150,000, opened 3013 kilometers, comprehensive fuel consumption 8.1L, we have a look I buy value?I think its space is more attractive to me. Although it is a little big, it is very good compared to me. I was running to Lingyun.But WHEN I came to the 4S shop, I was still in the phase of Lingyun at a glance. I had also compared changan and BYD. My family all said that now the electric car is a trend so that I buy electric cars.Not to say that I don’t like just think if there is a fuel our family car maybe I will buy a trolley that can still occasionally but when the New Year run relative wall on high speed road if I don’t want to no electricity, so I will regret it in the electric car is only suitable for the city to pick up the kids when open so I feel or wheat first car fuel car is better.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior of the front face of this model can not only show the breath of young people’s movement can show the middle-aged calm his hub SAO gas with horse brand tires high force case is a conscience enterprise for star road praise.I think the first car in my life is a star. I think my decision is really wise, because this car not only has a bright feeling in the interior and exterior.Three, comfort feeling space is absolutely can, after all, the car is very become warped a SUV back row space legs is no problem of this car is very close to our thought about the trunk under his trunk is two layers of small things to put some more big items, already beautiful practical sometimes express directly in trunk space big ah I see before buy necessities but also inside.Large chassis comfort is high, after speed bumps, potholes when the bumpy feeling is relatively smooth.Four, driving feeling I bought the car is 2.0T power I feel in the city of Anqing 2.0T enough to use the power to speed up once up every time I drive feel full power hee hee.The steering wheel is light and the automatic parking feature means you don’t have to brake when you’re waiting at traffic lights.At the beginning, I didn’t like it for fear that if I didn’t step on the brake, the car would run forward.In terms of fuel consumption, the average fuel consumption on urban roads is 9L/100KM. After all, the fuel consumption of such a big car is not similar to that of a small car. If it is much higher than the average car, I cannot accept the fuel consumption of this car is acceptable.1. Highlights of this car.May the car appeals to me is his lifelong free basic maintenance and other aspects of the sound is SONY is also quite good space big New Year’s day go home to take many car as long as the economy is it is ok to use, of course, the most important is his appearance before I also seen changan led, but I decided to buy the way may be at first glance I photograph is the way in the New Year’s day ahIt must be better to mention the Star car.New Year mention “star” car home for the New Year.2. Deficiencies.I don’t know, it’s kind of conflicted with me because it’s so big. Sometimes when I’m driving, I always think I’m going to hit it, but it doesn’t. But I really like it.Ah.There are pros and cons, right? Maybe it’s a new car. It smells a little heavy.3. Is it worth it?The cost performance of this car is still good, such as the lifelong free maintenance is a welfare ah, the general car maintenance will need and close to 1000 yuan, this car directly to save me this money is not very exciting.