The leggings of elegant foreign atmosphere dress up free and easy not common, model the model of long leg belle, soft and cool

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The leggings of elegant foreign atmosphere dress up free and easy not common, model the model of long leg belle, soft and cool.The collocation of leggings, in fact, is not a simple thing, and ordinary shirt pants and white leggings are not very appropriate.That’s not to say white leggings can’t be worn with the shirt pants pictured above, but they can be slimmed down even more.White shirt pants paired with leggings are very fat.At this point, it’s best to choose some basic colors of leggings.There are several basic colors of leggings that are good for summer.One, white and knee white leggings the most versatile color, simple and clean, versatile wear what good-looking.White monochrome shirt pants, you can also add some beautiful pearl pieces, let you add fashion sense.Imperceptibly let you show 5 catties thin!Leggings as far as possible to choose even a few colors, can let you look more relaxed.2, white bust pleated pants this leggings, neither based pleated pants, nor is it a fine suspenders, but chose the design feeling is a little small pleated pants, plus a bust pleated pants, although look is not perfect, but her color is soft, upper body effect is to let you smile like a girl, both restoring ancient ways and lovely.Pleated pants depend on how you wear them. If you pair them with T-shirt pants, they look like a big boy.Pair it with a T-shirt and you become a cute student.It is recommended to match with the same color shirt pants, elegant and delicate.The upper part of the body looks like a student.Floral leggings this style of leggings is decorated with flowers as outerwear, making the whole look visually impressive.The fabric is light but not heavy, with a strong student atmosphere.White tends to go with everything. Whether you wear it with a T-shirt or shirtpants, white pants and a printed top can make you look like a man.This striped jeans, striped style and shirt match up very suitable, very simple, bright upper body pattern, can let you retain the original slim jeans and slim at the same time can highlight the slimming effect.And it works well with black shirt pants and beige sweaters in all colors.Look petite and cute with a T-shirt and pants.This is more suitable for girls, but not for boys.Skinny guys wearing striped pants are obviously not that suitable.5, 7 minutes wide leg leggings this section of leggings belong to 9 minutes wide leg pants, slim but not show thin, this kind of style is more test leg model good-looking degree.But most guys won’t refuse this design, so guys with a good figure don’t have to be afraid of it.And, leisure and warm, go out to play, shopping are not afraid of cold.White is also the most common way to match, that is printed top and white leggings.If you are a fresh and ladylike girl, you can’t go wrong with this top.