“City of Time” love drama modeling in the Republic of China, why jing Tian is not amazing this time

2022-06-02 0 By

In the New Year, the new TV series is also released with police and bandits theme, revolutionary historical theme, youth theme army theme, suspense theme and family theme of all types of everything.We can also choose a favorite TV series according to their own preferences to kill the beautiful Spring Festival holiday.Recently, by the king Sweet, Xu Weizhou, super and other leading domestic idol drama “City of Light” is hot broadcast, King Sweet has “Si Teng” residual heat and the popularity of the original IP, is known as the goddess of the Republic of China drama, so the republic of China TV series began to attract a lot of netizens’ attention.Jing Tian’s modeling beauty is one of the highlights of the TV series. Although the makeup in the Republic of China period is rich, it is not true. The complicated interview and strange hair style in the past have all changed in this era.Love draw fine curved long eyebrow willow and leaf condole tip eyebrow, the color of lipstick is still given top importance to with thick and colourful bright red, the big wave curl that restore ancient ways, do not break the small foreign skirt of dignified close-fitting simply, the republic of China fashionable beauty of no problem dresses up.Before The Scene sweet in the “Si Teng” character role shaping lifelike, the net friend after reading lamenting to the Scene sweet si Teng play live, the secretary teng’s shy side, domineering side jealous side.In short, from beginning to end are very good interpretation, and the United States and domineer, although it looks unreasonable but is particularly kind heart.In the play, she did not waste every piece of clothing, each set of appropriate beauty, no matter makeup or clothing can be called perfect, Jing Tian also through this role completely burst into fame, stunning retro dress again and again, is known as the world wealth.But “City of Light” broadcast after the response is not expected to be good, not only in the program ratings are low word of mouth is not good, and even as the goddess of the Republic of China king Sweet dress up is not as good as before.Compared with “the city of light” not only has broadcast the “beginning” of “mirror the twins” and so on network drama ratings high, and don’t see how television publicity preheating is seen the TV plays, according to the situation development in city of light, the series may want to give sweet scene destruction ever had built up a good image.There is an important reason why this TV series is not liked by people. The story told by this TV series is very old-fashioned, which is no different from previous love dramas in the Republic of China. The audience has already seen it.In this play, the male protagonist Xu Weishou and Jing Tian have a weak sense of cp, and the domatic CEO is too stiff to be naturally revealed, so the audience always wants to make fun of the weak feeling after watching the movie. However, the beauty of Jing Tian is still beautiful with willow leaves and thin eyebrows, high ponytail and big wavy hair.But City of Time’s leading lady feng Shizhen doesn’t look as stunning as Si.The story and atmosphere in a TV series are also very important. City of Light failed to impress audiences because they had seen enough of it.