Energy-saving and environmental friendly refrigerator popularizing action launch ceremony launch Rongsheng refrigerator “pathfinder” program

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An environmental protection “pathfinder” program and the launch ceremony of the 2022 energy-saving and environment-friendly refrigerator popularization campaign hosted by Rongsheng Refrigerator was held in Beijing on Jan 14.Rongsheng refrigerator proposed to the industry: through technological upgrading, low-carbon production, product energy saving, do the home appliance industry low-carbon environmental protection “pathfinder”.Yang Chaofei, vice chairman of All-China Environment Federation and former chief engineer of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Liu Ting, President of China Home Appliance Research Institute, Deng Jihai, Executive Chairman of International Green Economy Association (IGEA), Shan Chengbiao, General Manager of Huanqiu, Wang Jinliang, executive Deputy general manager of Domestic marketing of Hisense Rongsheng, and many other experts and scholars attended the event.It is reported that the event rongsheng aims to take advantage of its exploration advantages in the field of low-carbon environmental protection to launch industry initiatives, calling on enterprises to upgrade low-carbon environmental protection technology, research and development of energy-efficient environmental protection products.At the same time, consumers are also encouraged to choose environmentally friendly home appliances, and build a “double carbon goal” to achieve a better life.Hisense rongsheng domestic marketing jin-liang wang, deputy general manager said in a statement, rongsheng refrigerators with 38 years of development history, rongsheng way to develop the energy conservation and environmental protection, has enriched the refrigerator industry technology upgrade and change, therefore, rongsheng has the responsibility to make the refrigerator industry leading, practicing corporate social responsibility and bear, in order to achieve the double carbon commitment of China to the world to make due contributions.Rongsheng refrigerator adhering to the technical concept of green design, green manufacturing, the green concept into every link of production and research.At the same time, I hope that THROUGH my own efforts, I can practice corporate social responsibility and make due contributions to the cause of low carbon and energy saving.The recognition of the country and consumers is one thing. Rongsheng hopes to practice corporate social responsibility and make due contributions to the cause of low carbon and energy conservation through its own efforts.It is understood that the newly released WILL SPACE hyperspace refrigerator and double net hyperspace refrigerator are produced by the new foaming technology production line, which makes the inner wall thickness of the refrigerator only 33mm, and the internal SPACE is expanded by 20%, “occupying the same area, holding one more sheep”. Under the premise of the same area, more storage SPACE can be released.It brings consumers a better storage experience.The appraisal report given by The China Institute of Home Electrical Appliances shows that: in a comprehensive view, rongsheng hyperspace products are better than ordinary refrigerators in terms of thermal insulation effect, which is achieved on the premise that the insulation layer is 44% thinner than the traditional refrigerator, and the comprehensive performance is very excellent.Rongsheng refrigerator uses new technology, new materials to bring low carbon environmental protection effect is very obvious.Taking a Rongsheng WILL SPACE hyperspace refrigerator as an example, its foaming material consumption is 6900g, which is reduced by 3100g compared with 10000g of ordinary BCD-510.Equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide 11074g.Research by the State Forestry Administration shows that a single tree can absorb and store 4,000 to 18,000 grams of CARBON dioxide per year, and the production of a WILL SPACE hyperspace refrigerator WILL reduce carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 2.8 trees in a year.On the scene of the conference, Rongsheng refrigerator also announced a future plan: it will work with Beijing Entrepreneur Environmental Protection Foundation to match the special public welfare fund for low-carbon environmental protection, and plant a haloxylon tree in alxa district in the name of Rongsheng consumers for every rongsheng hyperspace series products sold.Yang Chaofei, vice chairman of the All-China Environmental Protection Federation and former chief engineer of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, said in his speech that Rongsheng refrigerator consciously research and development of low carbon environmental protection refrigerator is of great significance, for the production side and the consumption side to reduce pollution and carbon reduction.Liu Ting, president of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, pointed out that household electrical appliances are the second largest source of household energy consumption, and about 30% of household carbon emissions come from household electrical appliances. China is also a big producer of household electrical appliances, and 60-70% of the world’s household electrical appliances are made in China. Driven by China’s dual carbon strategy,Home appliance industry through product innovation to green low-carbon transformation is to achieve healthy and sustainable development of the inevitable choice.Rongsheng has been focusing on energy saving and emission reduction of refrigerator products and manufacturing process, and actively undertake corresponding social responsibilities to set an example for the industry.It is understood that the next step, Rongsheng ice box will continue to deeply cultivate the field of low-carbon environmental protection.Continue to carry out green supply chain management in r&d and production to drive industrial transformation and upgrading;At the same time, carry out the research and implementation of green design, green technology, improve the green quality of products;And actively participate in the formulation of green standards, to promote the common progress of the industry, to launch more low-carbon environmental protection products.