Construction began on three key rural revitalization projects in Yulong County

2022-06-03 0 By

On the morning of February 8, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in Yuhu Village of Baisha Town for three key rural revitalization projects in Yulong County.The lashi Rural revitalization Demonstration Park (rural complex) project, Yuhu Village rural revitalization demonstration Area construction project of Baisha Town, Xinshan Village rural revitalization demonstration site construction project of Baisha Town, covering rural revitalization, cultural tourism, ecological agriculture, infrastructure, urban construction and other fields.It is reported that this year, Baisha town, pull town junliang village was listed as the first batch of national rural tourism key towns and villages.Among the projects under construction, the changshui-Lashi Road Upgrading project (G353), road construction of agro-tourism integration Industry (Anzhong to Anxia Village rural Road Project), and road upgrading project of Plateau characteristic forest and fruit industry;A large number of projects in Yuhu Village, Baisha Town, such as water landscape and road reconstruction, ecological parking lot construction, racecourse construction for the Civil Games, and xinshan rural road construction reflect the requirements of rural revitalization to boost economic and social development, and will inject new vitality into the economic and social development of Yulong County.Yulong yulong county leaders, said the next step, the various ministries goalkeeper tree prison “again late today is early, early and late again tomorrow,” the efficiency of consciousness, strictly according to the demonstration site construction plan with clear goals and tasks of comprehensive advancement, to ensure the development of industries, forms, and beautiful countryside construction, infrastructure, rural public service promotion, digital hardware engineering quality standard,Software support for the cultivation of civilized local customs, the protection and utilization of excellent traditional culture, the integration of governance, institutional innovation, organizational innovation and model innovation has been improved.Through cultivating typical, demonstration drive, promote county agriculture high quality and efficient, rural livable suitable industry, farmers rich.(He Qi, Yang Zhi, Xia Yuze)