Liu Zhiqiang in-depth ganxian district Spring Festival security work

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On February 4, Liu Zhiqiang, deputy mayor and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, went to Zhanggong district, Ganxian District and Yudu County to visit the security work of the Spring Festival without greeting, and visited the police and auxiliary police who stick to their posts, and extended New Year’s greetings and wishes.Liu zhiqiang successively came to directly under the municipal public security bureau traffic police detachment group sand squadron, county district public security bureau traffic brigade river mouth squadron, yudu county public security bureau traffic brigade col squadron, luo yudu county public security bureau police station, detailed understanding of shift on duty situation, carefully check parameter information, listen to the related report, and on behalf of the city bureau party committee on the New Year blessing.Liu zhiqiang in practice pointed out that the current security work is under way, the Spring Festival travel peak is coming, the whole city general auxiliary police public security people to stand in the political height of the “life is the highest, people first”, go all out, the whole p mobilization, carries forward the successive fine style, loyalty since the bear, to strengthen the sense of anxiety, tree on the bottom line thinking, resolutely implement various security measures,Tighten the string of security, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in the Spring Festival security work, to ensure that the people have a peaceful and festive and safe Spring Festival.Liu zhiqiang requirements, to strengthen the road traffic safety, normalized to carry out the “zero YeZha” action, efforts to strengthen the management of rural road traffic, increase “SanChao a fatigue”, drunk driving and not sending a helmet of illegal traffic investigation dynamics, closely around “person, vehicle, road, enterprises” key, maximally eliminate traffic safety hidden trouble,We will ensure that people travel safely and smoothly.The “Harmonious 2022” 1st action should be further deepened, solid implementation of the “three and three” (visit, investigation, rectification, care, people to the door, car and road), in-depth implementation of the “thousands of police officers and thousands of cars to the grassroots” and “new police force to protect the campus” action, strengthen the investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, eliminate conflicts at the grassroots level and in the bud.Measures to carry out all work, and actively strive for the support of local party committee government, give full play to the rural “two standing member” role, strengthen the work force, deepen the exchange fusion, constantly strengthen patrol, prevention and control, service, etc, with meticulous fine style of work to the extreme, to ensure that all work measures do fine do a reality.Duty preparation should be more strict, and the work system of leading and on duty should be strictly implemented. Section chiefs should stick to the front line, and police arrangements should be more scientific, detailed and standardized, so as to ensure that the team always maintains strong morale and combat effectiveness.Discipline style to be more excellent, strictly standardize law enforcement officers, layer upon layer compaction compaction responsibility, to implement security measures to the concrete, concrete road, let the traffic safety implementation “the last kilometer”, cogent accomplish between staying duty, between staying between staying, responsibility, responsible, in ganzhou, peace and stability to support the entire province, the national peace and stability.City bureau party committee member, traffic police branch captain Zeng Qiang accompanied.Just, Ganzhou city public Security Bureau resident id card production hang out!Please inform your friends and relatives that someone is using it to attack ganzhou people!Police emergency warning △ New Year’s Eve, district party secretary Liao Yongping visited the frontline civilian auxiliary police!△ Six on the podium, Ganxian public security news again!▽ 19th in the province, this sense of security has your participation!Source: Ganzhou public Security editor: Chen Lu Review: Zhu Liang