Media: The sea cucumber eaten by the men’s soccer team was brought by Li Tie, and the billboards in the stadium did not pay for it

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After China won the Asian Cup, captain Wang Shanshan said they had instant noodles for their victory dinner.Of course, it wasn’t that the organizers or the Chinese women’s soccer support team didn’t prepare other food, but that the Chinese women’s soccer players were too excited to eat.Moreover, it is better to eat instant noodles if you are not used to local food. In the words of zhao Zhen, a journalist, it is because you have a Chinese stomach!However, the bucket of instant noodles has sparked another controversy.That’s why the Chinese men’s soccer team eats sea cucumber every day!Recently, the video of Zhang Yuning and Wu Xi’s interview leaked out.Actually, it’s more of an interview than a product placement.In the video Zhang Yuning and Wu Xi said every meal to eat sea cucumber, Zhang Yuning is said anyway enough tube, it can be described as heroic.When Wang shanshan said she had eaten instant noodles after winning the title, the fans of course stopped.Questions abound about why the men can eat sea cucumber while the women can only eat instant noodles.In fact, theoretically speaking, there is nothing wrong with men’s football team eating sea cucumber, while Chinese women’s football team eating instant noodles, such junk food, is not good for their sports career.So why is the men’s team being scolded while the Chinese women’s team is being praised?The reason is simple: “dishes” are original SINS.So it’s not wrong for the men to eat sea cucumbers, it’s wrong for them to be too “vegetable” in the round of 12.When it comes to sea cucumbers, zhao Zhen, a media person, has exposed a fierce material, which turns out to be all about li Tie, a business genius.According to Zhao Zhen, Zhang Yuning, Wu Xi and other players will record the interview video of the AD implantation.It is because Li Tie pulled this advertisement of sea cucumber or more appropriately, sponsor.Originally, it was a good idea to sponsor the players to eat free sea cucumbers, replenish their egg whites, and make a video in return.But according to Zhao, the sea cucumber sponsor also put up a billboard in the stadium and brought some products instead of paying Fortebaugh.Zhao Zhen later also said that the Team of China’s advertising is clearly published.The implication is that Li Tie is doing so is not compliant.So it seems, men’s foot to eat sea cucumber this pot or li Tie to carry just right.In fact, whether eating sea cucumber, or eating instant noodles.Fans are more concerned about the team’s results, and the spirit of the players.As long as the results up, in the game played the spirit, even if you take sea cucumber as a meal have no relationship.If they reach the World Cup finals, the men’s soccer players are heroes to celebrate with a drink on the spot.This is competitive sport, this is football, all results-oriented sport.As for the question of sea cucumber, according to many reporters, in fact, now women’s soccer girls also eat every day.Whatever the men can eat, the women can eat, too.So don’t worry about the roses getting a raw deal.I hope the girls of the women’s football team will continue their efforts, and I hope the fans can continue to pay attention to the Chinese women’s football team, not just on a whim.As for the men’s football team, I hope they can learn their shame and be brave.As long as the spirit in the game, and women’s football that do not give up the spirit, even if the loss is no harm!