Russia on the offensive?Putin has’ red button ‘at his fingertips as NATO takes aim at Nuclear drills

2022-06-03 0 By

Although the US plot to hype up the “day of war” has collapsed, the White House is still hyping up the war, insisting that Russia will soon “invade Ukraine” to the end of the war of public opinion.For all Mr Biden’s chatter, It is clear that Mr Putin has no patience for western nonsense.In the current “Ukraine crisis” is not resolved, the West is still aggressive at the critical moment, Putin began to turn to the offensive, with practical actions to silence the Western camp.On The 19th, Russia’s strategic deterrent force exercise officially began, this exercise involves the Russian Air Force, strategic missile force, black Sea fleet and many other forces, can be described as a large scale.Russian President Vladimir Putin will also be in charge of the drill, which shows the importance of The Russian side.The so-called “strategic deterrent force exercise” is actually another way of saying “nuclear exercise”.Since nuclear matters are of course high stakes, the exercise will involve not only Putin but also Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.Mr Lukashenka arrived in Russia on The 18th, the day before the exercise, and both men were clearly in a good mood during their meeting with Mr Putin.This kind of face-to-face communication is the “good friend” treatment given by Putin. It is quite different from the solemn scenes of meeting German Chancellor Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron, who are only a few meters away from each other. The relaxed putin and Lukashenka also show the confidence of the two men in countering the NATO threat.The strategic deterrent exercise was not improvised in response to the situation in Ukraine, but was planned in advance and foreign partners were well informed, so there is no need for western concerns and hype.The purpose is to check the readiness of various military departments, combat formations, ship crews and missile delivery devices, and to test the reliability of strategic nuclear and conventional weapons.But Mr. Putin’s high-profile participation in the exercises with his friends at a sensitive time also shows an intransigent attitude toward countering western threats.The nuclear exercises are so important that As president Putin must personally direct them, though Russia has not said much about how He will participate.But according to Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Putin is likely to be in the situation control center to decide on the most crucial issue: the use of the so-called “nuclear suitcase,” the “red button.”The “nuclear suitcase” refers to a black suitcase that is accompanied by Putin and guarded by a military officer.There are three such suitcases in Russia, which are respectively in charge of the president, the defense minister and the chief of the general staff. The “nuclear suitcase” is actually a “portable nuclear counterattack command issuing system” with the highest security level, and also the key to Russia’s “nuclear strike”.Of course, the president of the United States has such a suitcase.The suitcase is small, but behind it lies the most menacing weapon in both countries.Therefore, the use of suitcases must be careful, or it will accidentally become a nuclear bomb, and the United States and Russia are not the only ones likely to suffer.Both countries have imposed strict conditions on the use of nuclear suitcases, and in Mr. Putin’s case, only when Russia is hit by a nuclear strike will he press the red button and use Russia’s nuclear forces in retaliation.Peskov’s specific reference to the “red button” was clearly implied.Especially at the moment when the “Ukraine crisis” has not been eliminated, gunfire continues in eastern Ukraine, and the United States is preparing to launch a second wave of “public opinion offensive”, Putin’s move must be well prepared.It is no coincidence that the timing of such large-scale exercises, usually held at the end of the year, is sensitive and that the Black Sea Fleet, which has been stationed near Ukraine, is a rare participant.In response to the American threat, the warring nations are using their own ways to remind the United States of Russia’s nuclear power.This is putin’s personality, the more you hit, the more I hit back;This is also the nature of a fighting nation. The more you target, the more I have to prove that targeting is not effective. Russia has enough nuclear forces to guarantee national security and does not fear NATO’s threat.In fact, unlike the US move, Putin’s move is not a threat, but a deterrent.At the same time, Mr Putin’s “turn from the defensive to the offensive” is a warning to America that enough is enough in Ukraine.Russia has enough good stuff for NATO to drink if it really pisses Putin off.