Yungang Branch of Ecological environment Bureau of Datong City in Shanxi Province carried out special law enforcement inspection of mixing plants

2022-06-03 0 By

As the weather turns warm, the construction site starts work gradually, the mixing station within the jurisdiction resumes work and production in succession.In view of the long winter in Datong area, the mixing station has a long holiday time, staff changes, the resumption of work and production after the lax environmental management, datong City Bureau of Ecology and Environment Yungang branch began to the area of the mixing station for a special law enforcement inspection.In the special law enforcement inspection, the focus of the mixing station material into the shed;Whether the tarpaulin of bulk material vehicles is in place;Whether the road in the factory area is cleaned up in time and sprayed with water and other environmental problems.During the inspection, it was found that datong Taihechun Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd. and Datong Wolong Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd. had the environmental problems of not timely sprinkling water on roads in and out of the factory.In response to the existing problems, the two companies made changes and carried out critical education to employees.Mitsui Mixing Station of Datong Hongyuan Construction Engineering Co., LTD., which has comprehensive environmental management system and management measures in place, was praised by the notice.Through the inspection to strengthen the enterprise environmental responsibility consciousness, strengthen the dust prevention and control management, the implementation of various environmental protection measures, from the source to reduce air pollution, promote civilized, standardized, safe construction.