A large-scale live play in Zhongyuan World Film City opens on the first day of the Lunar New Year, inviting you to “walk henan” in an immersive way.

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Reporter Wang Shaoqing/Sun Kaijie/video clip

In order to support the epidemic prevention and control work and reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, some people’s return journey turned into perseverance, while others’ reunion turned into blessing.In order to meet the spiritual and cultural life of more people in Zhengzhou and let the citizens have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, various scenic spots around Zhengzhou have launched colorful special programs.Recently, the reporter learned that the Central Plains Film and Television City will officially open on February 1, 2022. From the first day of the first lunar month to the 16th day of the first lunar month, a series of colorful cultural activities will be organized to present the Chinese New Year cultural travel feast for the citizens.In recent years, more and more live-action performance projects have appeared in various scenic spots across the country. In the night, light, shadow, water, sound, dance and song…All kinds of elements are integrated into the performance, creating an extremely powerful and immersive experience.The director team of Central Plains Film and Television City selected henan classic humanistic elements, combined with modern science and technology and a variety of sound and photoelectric elements, and created “Brilliant Henan” live drama.Huaxia hinterland of henan, the pentium in the Yellow River, the myth of pan gu kaitian, a winner of three sovereigns, changjie word of civilization, to give lectures on road of Lao tzu, Confucius, Taoism ancestors magnificent mountain, henan, henan water of beautiful weather, the big four, four ancient spiritual strength, civilian heroic deed one by one on stage.”Here we have the Silk Road and the Wanli Tea Ceremony.There is a native Henan, the Yellow River gift of Chinese identity;Here there is the pursuit of the central Plains, the central Plains national yearning;Here you can walk henan and understand China’s feelings of home and country.”Director of large live-action drama “give prize in henan” zhi-hui zeng told reporters, “give prize in henan province” which is divided into three chapters, the first chapter is the “hometown of henan province”, in henan to shed light on the performance of Chinese traditional culture, the second chapter is “the grandeur of henan”, such as tai chi culture in henan to show, the third chapter is “bold” in henan, henan through art form of the people’s in the face of natural disasters,The spirit of working together to overcome difficulties has been fully demonstrated.”In 2021, I have been to Zhengzhou, Weihui, Zhoukou and other cities in Henan province seven times, sent disaster relief supplies, but also saw a lot of moving scenes, greatness comes from ordinary, many ordinary Henan people gave me too much moved, I hope to show the great spirit of Henan people through the art form of live-action drama.”Zhi-hui zeng said, because of the outbreak, the government advocates on New Year’s day, in order to make people enjoy the Spring Festival cultural feast, zhongyuan studio not only has large live-action drama performance, at the same time will be a lot of film and television pieces shows and performances, invited to the “avenue of stars” annual champions league stars such as the season, with a wonderful song, holidays with you.The reporter learned that The Central Plains Film and Television City combined with its own advantages, but also carefully prepared a series of film-related Tours.Here, you can not only review the filming and production of classic movies, experience the scene of film and television plot reproductions, but also explore the scenes and props of horror movies, see Jin Yong’s wulin School gather on the bank of the Yellow River, win the central Plains, brave peach blossom Island, The Gai Gang drink to talk about heaven, Wudang Shaolin sword and sword, etc.At the same time, you can watch the intangible cultural heritage exhibition, ancient welcome ceremony, throw hydrangea to invite relatives to welcome relatives, welcome the god of wealth, worship the god of wealth and other blessing activities, but also with friends to experience Inner Mongolia bonfire, characteristic food, flavor snacks, here not only your childhood scene, but also your hometown flavor.Central China Film City executive vice President Hou Jiangang told reporters, in response to the Local Chinese New Year, also launched a lot of preferential measures, during the event, medical workers who hold a doctor’s certificate, nurse’s certificate free scenic spot tickets;All soldiers with active service certificates are exempt from admission to the scenic spot;The little sister who wears ancient Chinese costume is free of entrance ticket.All in line with the national provisions of the free ticket policy will be exempt from admission to the scenic area.For all the people of Xingyang Guangwu Town to implement the guangwu TOWN ID card scenic spot ticket immediately reduced five yuan discount.”Our Spring Festival activities have been carefully prepared for a long time. We will officially open the park on February 1st. From the first day to the 16th day, all the staff and actors will stick to their posts and provide wonderful performances for everyone.