The psychological aspect and interpretation of the new spy drama “Rivals”, Ding Meixi’s anxiety

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Article, Wang Yanhui read “opponent” close your eyes, the mind is ding Meixi face anxious appearance, who will live with her anxiety will be infected.Ding Meixi is anxious as soon as she speaks, impatient on her face, not only to her husband Li Tang so, but also to her daughter Li Xiaoman.When watching the play, I had a feeling of irritability, which I later learned was infected by Ding Meixi’s anxiety.Anxiety is contagious, and the more intimate people are, the more contagious it is, and the less likely they are to annoy others.Anxiety itself is a bad emotion that infects people around you in two ways.One is anxiety itself very anxious, he flustered in front of others, let a person look at also flustered and irritable.The other is that anxious people in order to relieve anxiety, will give people around trouble, causing others anxiety.Ding Meixi mainly infected Li Tang and Li Xiaoman through the second way.Li Tang and Ding Mei Xi are undercover spies in the mainland, who have been lurking in the mainland for a long time because of the failure of the mission, and are now active with a new mission.Ding Meixi’s anxiety is mainly related to two aspects, one is daughter Li Xiaoman’s education problem, the other is lack of money, not ordinary lack of money, and very lack of money.Ding Meixi and Li Tang are undercover in the mainland to act as a spy, did not get normal funds to support however, the spy job to oneself did not have confidence so, still urge li Tang to ask funds constantly, satire to Li Tang, sarcasm, pull back, this had an effect on Li Tang.In the education of daughter Li Xiaoman, Ding Meixi seems to have no patience, resulting in great communication barriers between mother and daughter, often quarrel, a little thing can be a big quarrel, unhappy parting.This is also a factor in Li xiaoman’s puppy love.If the mother-daughter communication is normal, and often speak from the heart, it would not lead to Li Xiaoman and a stray youth puppy love.Ding Meixi solution to anxiety is li Xiaoman on a high school, the results are not very good, but also puppy love, which makes Ding Meixi very angry, so the mother and daughter constantly conflict, Ding Meixi is more anxious.Ding meixi’s solution was to get Li to study abroad, which would require a large tuition fee and remedial English.Then Ding Meixi lets Li Tang raise money for tuition on one hand, let Li Xiaoman grasp study on the other hand.Neither of these two things is easy to do, so Ding Meixi left and right shot, and Li Tang and Li Xiaoman conflict constantly happened, the smell of gunpowder in the home.This is that Ding Meixi did not deal with her own life well, and did not realize that the essence of the conflict with her daughter is that she cannot educate her children, but took the opposite approach, adding fuel to the fire, exacerbated her anxiety, and made her life a mess.Ding Meixi’s real job is as a teacher, as well as an income from after-school tutoring.Li Tang earns a fair salary as a taxi driver.If two people have no special expenses, the family income can cover basic needs.For undercover spy work, can only face reality, without funds should temporarily stop or give up, clever housewife make bricks without rice, without funds what thing also do not do, why force oneself?As for the education of children, Ding Meixi should recognize the mistakes of her own education methods and change them to avoid conflicts and disputes with her daughter.The wrong idea leads to the wrong result, so that Li Xiaoman’s study abroad is beyond her and Li Tang’s practical ability.What’s more, Li xiaoman is not very willing to study abroad.Ding meixi’s intention was that her daughter’s grades were not good, and she hoped to improve her education by studying abroad, so that she could have a good job in the future.If she and Li xiaoman had eased their relationship, Li xiaoman could have improved his grades by starting from senior one or finding a tutor.Even if your grades don’t improve, you can learn a skill and do a job you’re qualified for.Therefore, studying abroad is an unnecessary, inappropriate and unrealistic family education decision, which not only can not solve the problem, but also increases the family conflict, which not only aggravates Ding Meixi’s anxiety, but also passes the anxiety to Li Tang and Li Xiaoman. The family conflicts and conflicts are more complicated.From the psychological point of view, anxiety is a person encounter greater difficulties produced by impatience, upset, serious also accompanied by palpitation, dizziness and other physiological discomfort.To relieve anxiety, it is necessary to face these life events that cause anxiety, reasonably deal with all kinds of difficulties and contradictions in life, the problem is solved, the bad mood can be relieved.In reality, many problems are caused by external factors, which are generally beyond our control. We need to accept reality, settle for second best, or take a devious approach rather than hanging on to one tree.On the other hand, contradictions are caused by internal factors, such as our understanding and view of the event, and then some inappropriate response measures, which aggravate difficulties, anxiety and other negative emotions.Therefore, we should reflect on our understanding and practice, timely change and adjustment, to resolve difficulties, but also alleviate bad emotions, this is a practical and important way to maintain mental health.