Warm heart!If there is no one to take care of the elderly during the Spring Festival, we can take care of them free of charge for half a month

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Quanzhou Evening News · Quanzhou pass client January 29 (Quanzhou Evening News reporter Chen Minghua correspondent Wu Yuyun) during the Spring Festival nanny holiday, the home needs to take care of the elderly how to do?Yesterday, the reporter learned from the shishi city treasure cover town hekang elderly care center, the center next month launched “free care for half a month” benefit activities, free care for empty nesters, left-behind elderly, the elderly can be half a month.Living in Shishi City Yingxing Road Chen old woman 90 years old this year, because of a fall injury at home bed rest.Because the son works in the field all the year round, and is quite busy, then asked a nanny to take care of her at home.When the Spring Festival approached, the nanny had to go home for the New Year, so her granddaughter came back temporarily to take care of her.These two days, grandmother’s daughter-in-law learned that bao Cover mayor care center can help care for the elderly for half a month, on the trust to care center field view, consulting specific settled matters.The next day, the care center staff came to assess the physical condition of the old woman, and said that they could accept nursing.It is reported that Baogai mayor care center is a public private pension institutions, baogai town for the first combination of medical care institutions.Care center controller introduces, accept foster, the center will provide professional life to old people living care services, including sewage cleaning, indoor sanitation, change clothes, personal hygiene (shampoo, hair, bath, nails trimmed, wash, clean face, wash feet, etc.), daily have special caregivers for the elderly to carry out physical rehabilitation activities and games, will also take the elder walks,Chat, read and play rehabilitation games with the elderly.”As beds are limited, it’s first come, first served.”