Winter Olympics help Build China into a country of ice and snow

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This article was transferred from;In bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics, Beijing promised to involve 300 million people in snow and ice sports, frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on January 28.This is a very ambitious commitment for a country where snow sports have not been popular until now.In mid-January, China’s General Administration of Sport announced that the pledge had been fulfilled and even exceeded the target.Since Beijing was awarded the winter Olympics in 2015, 346 million people have taken part in snow sports.China’s National Bureau of Statistics reports that the resident participation rate is 24.56 percent.China has made great efforts to popularize winter sports in the country, the report said.In the mid-1990s, there were only about 10,000 skiers in China.In 2015, the year of the bid, that number had risen to 12.5 million, thanks to the rapid growth of middle-income groups.Since then, it has doubled again to 26 million.During the same period, more than 200 new ski resorts were built nationwide, bringing the total number of ski resorts in China to about 800.Hotels and ski facilities can be built in a matter of months in China.Ski facilities are not just built in areas where winter is cold and snowy, the report said.Guangzhou, for example, where daytime temperatures can reach 20 degrees Celsius in winter, now has the world’s second largest indoor ski resort.No country has more indoor ski resorts like this than China.According to the General Administration of Sport of China, the number of standard skating rinks nationwide reached more than 650 by early 2021.Today, many shopping malls in Beijing have small artificial skating rinks or ski slopes.Most of the skiers on Chinese slopes are beginners, the report said.”So far, only a few Chinese have bought their own equipment,” said Bai Minghao, commercial counsellor at the Austrian Embassy in Beijing.This sort of thing is not going to happen overnight.”According to statistics, 72% of ski resort visitors hire equipment on site.However, Mr Baek is bullish on “long-term trends”, “of which the Winter Olympics are an additional accelerator”.The report noted that the Chinese government said in a document that it would build the world’s largest sports industry by 2025, with a scale of 5 trillion yuan.The goal behind this is to make domestic consumption an important pillar of economic growth.According to the report, interest in leisure sports is clearly growing in China.The government has used the Beijing Olympics as a kickoff for a new fitness initiative, and the number of physical education classes in the school curriculum has been increased.According to a report on the website of Neue Deutschland zeitung on January 28, a piece of good news came from China in mid-January.China’s National Bureau of Statistics announced 346 million people now play winter sports indoors or outdoors.For a long time, winter sports were not a priority in China, the report said.That has changed.Hundreds of ski resorts have been built across the country since 2000.In Beijing alone, 200 primary and middle schools now offer winter sports courses, and it is said that 2.1 million primary and middle school students in Beijing now participate in winter sports.