Acting poor hot search, liu Haocun family must apologize for Lao Lai behavior

2022-06-05 0 By

Life is always ironic, Liu Haocun in the Spring Festival film “Four Seas” unexpectedly played an old sister.After watching the movie, people felt uncomfortable with her acting skills, and “Liu Haocun” became a hot search on Weibo. Then they looked back and realized how ironic her role in The Four Seas was.In the movie “The Four Seas”, she plays an elderly sister who leads a miserable life for her family. Ironically, in reality, she is an elderly daughter who studies expensive art majors to realize her dream of becoming an entertainer with resources that her parents should have used to compensate the victims in time.Liu Haocun has the name of the first beauty of north dance, famous since the performance of resources are relatively high specification, however, behind the scenery, her parents like Liu Xin, due to their own fault, to the life of others caused a devastating blow.But for the sake of money, refused to admit mistakes, refused to make up, but blame each other to bring endless trouble.Liu Haocun parents dance school, a teenage girl’s disability but compensation can not reach the designated position, in the same period but Liu Haocun scenery walking wounded girl is also looking forward to the road of the art of the victim’s life was destroyed Liu Haocun one should abandon the victim transition treatment as a net friend, this hot search must not waste, under the attention of millions netizen,Hope liu Haocun family even if not sincerely admit, also want to put foot attitude serious admit, come up with real money to compensate for the loss of normal life of a girl, otherwise, why should we give such a family circle star dream.