The director of a nursing home in Shucheng county was suspended for embezzling and defrauding more than 160,000 yuan from five guarantees

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Xinan Evening News anhui net Big Anhui news embezzled, defraud wubao centralized support funds, subsistence insurance funds, wubao elderly care fees, outpatient fees and other total 161,467 yuan, Shucheng County Taoxi town elderly home president Li Baoping for corruption, sentenced to one year in prison, suspended for one year and six months, and fined 100,000 yuan.The illegal gains of 161,467 YUAN refunded by the defendant Li Baoping were confiscated and turned over to the state Treasury.A few days ago, shucheng County people’s Court published the criminal judgment of the first instance of the case.Screenshot of Chinese Referee document website.According to the public judgment, the Shucheng County Court made a first-instance judgment on the case in December 2021. After the trial, it was found that from 2009 to 2017, when the defendant Li Baoping was president of taoxi Town Nursing Home in Shucheng County, for the purpose of illegal possession, income was not entered into the account, repeated reimbursement and other ways.Embezzled and defrauded 161,467 yuan of the centralized support funds for the five guarantees, subsistence allowances, nursing fees for the five guarantees and outpatient fees, and used them for family expenses.Shucheng County discipline inspection network.The court believed that the defendant Li Baoping in the process of assisting the grass-roots people’s government to engage in administrative management, the use of position convenience, illegal possession of public property, a large amount, its behavior constitutes the crime of corruption.After the defendant Li Baoping arrived at the case, he truthfully confessed his crime, which was regarded as a confession in accordance with the law and can be given a lighter punishment.The defendant Li Baoping confessed voluntarily and may be treated with leniency according to law.The defendant Li Baoping may be given a lighter punishment if he withdraws all his illegal gains.To sum up the above judgment.Source anhui Network