Homemade guppy breeding box mesh size

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The gap is slightly larger than gauze, 0.5mm.Usually breeding boxes are made of acrylic and are available on the market.If you make it, you can choose to be simple. Use plastic supports to wrap fiber products with mesh. If they are too dense, they may not see small fish swimming, and if they are too large, they will run out, so they are bigger than the gap on the gauze.Guppy breeding box Guppy belongs to the killifidae, is a kind of viviparous small ornamental fish, when the male and female parents have been determined, can be moved to the breeding box or small tank for production.Breeding boxes are usually within 15-45 cm long, 20 cm wide and 10 cm high and are usually made of acrylic.Homemade reproduction box can imitate the simple version of reproduction box sold on the market, with small plastic board floor, in its four corners with plastic sticks as a bracket, and then use four plastic sticks equal to the length of the side of the plastic board to build a frame, wrapped with a layer of fiber products.As for the mesh size, to meet the fish can not swim outside, at the same time, the farmers observe the conditions of the fish, so it can not be too big or too small, the most suitable size is bigger than the hole of the gauze, smaller than the body of the young fish is better, the specific size according to the material at hand to master.Guppies breed at a water temperature of about 25 degrees, which is more suitable for guppies. Generally, a female can give birth to 4-7 litters in her lifetime, but the chance of producing high-quality larva varies with the physical fitness, age and health status of female fish, that is to say, the F1, F2 and F3 produced by females aged 3-5 months are of high quality.So, in the adult stage to choose the right kind of parent fish.Although two to three months are considered adult fish, it is still too early for females to breed.Mating too early will affect the individual development of the female and the quantity and quality of the litter will be less than ideal.If male and female fish are raised separately before mating, it is better to choose male fish of about two and a half months and female fish of three and a half months when mating.Because at this time the male fish is in the vigorous period, the female fish is also mature.In this way, the quality and quantity of larval fish are better.