Thousands of party members in our district are on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic

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In the face of an epidemic, OuZhi departments (units) more than 1000 play the cutting edge exemplary role of party members, the charge fighting in the first line the epidemic prevention and control, sinking community, “into the grid, the outbreak of war”, use the actual action to defend the safety of life of the masses, let the flag and “vanguard party” volunteer service flag fluttered in the epidemic prevention and control the first line.It issued the Notice on the Establishment of the Mechanism of “Entering the Grid and Fighting the Epidemic” in Residential communities, divided the residential subdivisions of the whole district into 12 grids, mobilized more than 1,000 Party members from the direct departments of the district to set up more than 200 working groups, and went down to the residential communities.Priority should be given to disseminating epidemic prevention and control knowledge, nucleic acid testing, checkpoint guard, distribution of prevention and control materials and daily necessities, screening and tracing of personnel, management of close contacts, environmental eradication, and assistance to special groups.Establish the “1 + 2 + N” epidemic prevention and control supervision mode, one is county or district party committee standing committee as the team leader, two other vice-county leading deputy leader, adopt the mode of “four two straight”, disinfection condition of residential district, detection, protection and so on carries on the comprehensive supervision, the problems found in the site office, timely solve, ensure the epidemic without blind Angle.Our set up six special study, the thorough community, bayonet, testing point to control such as a line, through many “hear” with the “look”, the combination of multi-dimensional understanding sinking a gleam of cadres in epidemic prevention and control of the actual performance, and included in the cadre performance evaluation of documentary, as PingXianShuYou, promote the use of important basis, work together to win the prevention and control the outbreak of war.OuZhi organs at all levels of party organizations, after receiving instructions authority party members and cadres rushed down the community, and the disease resistance line workers and grouping, building, household to “knock” action, dedication, screening, prevention and control of MoPai shift unattended, isolation, control, maintain order, ensure to detect leak without missing a home, a person.The District Culture and Tourism Bureau quickly organized 64 party members from the whole system into 12 working groups to fully sink to the front line of epidemic prevention and control in Kangning Home, City Garden, Ruidu Jiayuan and other communities in the evening of March 29, to ensure the implementation of various prevention and control measures, and build a tight defense line of mass prevention and control.OuZhi authority “pioneer” party member volunteers set off, “I am a party member on my first” “I am a party member let me” the voice of the well-documented, and at the same time to switch the outbreak as a style, brave ACTS as “the first battle,” go and epidemic prevention “measure, ask, look, look, tour” five positions, assist to carry out the prevention propaganda, nucleic acid detection, personnel, supplies, etc.Law enforcement members of the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau acted as “fighters” in epidemic prevention and control, and did their best to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control safety publicity tips at all epidemic prevention and control points, and persuaded hotels, restaurants and other catering service providers to strictly prohibit in-house meal services.We also publicized the epidemic prevention and control knowledge through various channels such as wechat official account and LED display screen.Edit: Yu Haifei Review: Xu Wei