Have a song!The tiger name of the Global Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Gala is officially announced, and the audiences at home and abroad are looking forward to the Hua Chen Yu Stage

2022-06-07 0 By

The 2022 Global Overseas Chinese Spring Festival Gala has finally been officially announced and filed.This year’s Spring Festival Gala will be broadcast on Hunan TV at 19:30 on Feb 1, 2022.Xiaobian heard that this Chinese Spring Festival Gala will have a heavyweight performance guests to join.This afternoon, after the official announcement of the tiger name of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala, xiaobian was pleasantly surprised to find that it was Hua Chenyu!This Spring Festival Gala, with the theme of “The World is united, The Chinese are United”, will send the best New Year wishes to the Chinese people at home and abroad, and spread the strong voice of The Chinese culture to the world.In today’s Chinese music scene, the mainland singer with the most overseas influence must be Hua Chenyu.As early as 2018, Hua became the first mainland artist with her album Outliers, which topped the top five singles chart.In 2020, Hua’s original album “New World New World” again topped the top five gold charts. In 2021, hua’s original album “New World New World” ranked second on the gold chart.Not only is Hua popular in Taiwan, but also in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and other places, hua has a deep fan base, and his music and albums have been on the pop charts, best-selling lists and other lists for many times.In this year’s Chinese Spring Festival, hua Chenyu’s performance will surely make audiences at home and abroad feel very happy and happy!Xiaobian is ready to wait in front of the TV at 19:30 on New Year’s Day!On the stage of the New Year’s Eve party not long ago, Hua Chenyu brought two new songs “Flowers in a Small Town” and “Let’s Go and See the Sunrise” to the national audience. I wonder which of hua’s songs you can hear this time?Feel free to leave a guess in the comments section.