You are not yourself by middle age

2022-06-07 0 By

In middle age, loneliness is not what one fears most.It’s passion!In the middle of life, the most unbearable is the passion of “women”, the enthusiasm of outsiders!There are parents and children to look forward to middle-aged people, the burden of life pressure on the body, crushed shoulders, bent waist, but also pressure in the heart of the only remaining male wind.Husband should go to bed…Boss, your mother accidentally twisted her waist last month, the hospital spent thousands of, dad also knows you difficult, but this…Dad: Don’t worry, money is a small matter, I also take…Dad: There’s a school party next month. You have to sponsor me some…Meeting next week, old class…Dude, your nephew is getting married at the end of the month and is here to celebrate…You have a new message, please check the branch of a certain treasure to remind you, on time repayment, do not affect your good faith this month, to be repaid N yuan person to middle age, you are not your person to middle age, you hide no hide person to middle age, all sad, a person bear;All the sad, a person slowly taste!Middle age, nothing but bear!Middle-aged people, bitter!Pictures from the Internet, deleted