Descendants of volunteers visit “Military Expo themed Exhibition of Fighting against US and Aiding Korea”

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Red Yan ‘an network news: On the morning of February 4, the Chinese Society of Strategy and Management Volunteer Society volunteer society fellowship center for the descendants of the volunteer army to visit the theme exhibition, review the red history of the war against the United States and aid the North, recall the revolutionary deeds of ancestors, inherit the spirit of the volunteer army.Volunteer veteran Tang Nengzhi and his son Tang Fangcheng and deputy commander of the volunteer army and the 9th Corps commander and political commissar Song Shilun’s daughter Song Baiyi met to visit the exhibition together, as well as Yang Zhanjun, Liu Weiqiang, Kong Lingguo and other visitors to the exhibition.We will actively implement the spirit of “staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, and actively promote and inherit the spirit of resisting the United States and aiding the DPRK: not fearing strong enemies, daring to struggle, and daring to win;A national spirit combining high patriotism and internationalism;Revolutionary heroism, especially capable of suffering and fighting;The spirit of unity and solidarity against the enemy.During the visit, volunteer veteran Tang Nengzhi took a photo with other visitors, especially a lot of children, very excited to see the volunteer veteran soldiers, competed to take a photo with them, Tang was very excited to tell them about their own experience of the revolution against the United States and aid Korea story.Let the revolutionary offspring inherit this spirit to the young people, let them establish the correct belief, the good tradition and good style inherit;Let the young generation distinguish right from wrong, know the concept of honor and disgrace, love the Party, love the people, love the country, actively learn the red spirit, spread the red culture, inherit the red gene.Born on July 13, 1932, Xinmiao Township, Renshi Town, Kaijiang County, Sichuan province.In March 1951, he joined the army. In May, he received military training in Wuchang County, northeast China. In June, he entered the 20th Army, 60 division, 180 regiment, three battalion, seven company, three platoon, seven class.After returning to China, I was transferred to the fifth Team of the 20 Army Driving Training Brigade to learn how to be a car driver.After graduation, he was assigned to drive car platoon of Guard Company, Logistics Office, military Headquarters of the 20th Army until he was demobilized in April 1956. He was assigned to Drive car and Garage of No.2 Car And Garage of Friendship Automobile Company, Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of The State Council until his retirement in June 1992.We are particularly grateful to the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum for its support and help.Stay true to our founding mission.Comprehensive review of the glorious history of the war to the leadership of the communist party of China and the precious experience, make a deep study of the Korean spirit rich connotation and era value, in the new era of absorbing the essence of strategic decisions and wisdom, inherit and carry forward the spirit of the Korean, strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, has the very great historic significance and realistic significance.Source: Red Yanan network Responsibility: Chang Shimin