Grand Lotto 2022015: the first prize opened 14 notes 6.5 million Jiangsu won 10 additional grand prizes

2022-06-09 0 By

The drawing numbers of the sports Lottery Super Big Lotto no. 2022015 on the evening of February 14, 2022 are: front zone 01, 02, 08, 12, 30, and back zone 05, 12.The ratio of the number in front of the big lotto is 2:2:0:0:1, and the number in zone 3 and zone 4 is disconnected.The pre-period sum opens 53 points, down 12 points from the previous period sum.In other aspects, the parity ratio of the front region is 1:4, and the even number is dominant.The size ratio is 1:4, with the decimal predominating.In terms of channel 012, two channel 0 numbers, one channel 1 number and two channel 2 numbers are given in this period.After this period, a large and a small, an odd and even, a quality and a combination, the combination interval 3 again out.The total sales amount of this period is 274 million yuan. The first prize is 14 bets and the single prize is 6,507,800 yuan, which is shared by the lottery users in Jiangsu (11 bets), Zhejiang, Fujian and Yunnan. Among them, the first prize of 10 bets in Fujian and Jiangsu uses additional betting, so they each get an additional bonus of 5,206,200 yuan.In this period, 105 bets were made for the second prize, with a single prize of 112,300 yuan. Among them, 37 bets were made for additional bets, and each bet got an additional bonus of 89,900 yuan.After the current drawing, the grand Lotto pot was 1.101 billion yuan.