Leave the footprints of serving the people in ordinary posts

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Feng Huiyong, Wenxi county 畖 at the end of the town account village grid member.Work in the grid member, he always grasps “the masses have asked me facing, difficult for me to solve visiting my reception, the masses, the masses interest me that” the work idea, daily household visits, promote national policy, actively participate in medical treatment, collects pay endowment insurance, the national center for anti cheat APP registration, the cult propaganda, village “two committees” transition, epidemic prevention and control work,With their own practical action to serve the area of the masses.First, warm heart service, win the trust of the masses.It is the duty of every grid member to solve problems for everyone.Six groups of villagers Fan Caifang phone WeChat deduct cost of $274, on a regular basis for two months in a row to reflect, he by querying the mobile phone, contact customer service, that is inadvertently bought a universal health care insurance policy, after repeated communication, service for the cancelled policy, and recover the fees, solved the trouble back at home of villagers in a timely manner.Feng Sheng of four groups of villagers asked him for help when his home computer broke down. After hearing this, he came to his home on his own, and finally solved the computer problem by consulting his mobile phone, consulting professionals and constantly trying.Feng Shengsuo excitedly said: “it seems that you are really looking for the right.”Li Wenzhong and his wife in the village will not find him on the mobile phone certification endowment insurance, the elderly encountered problems can not be solved to find him……One by one, seemingly ordinary little things, he served the hearts of the masses, won praise and praise.Two, fulfill their duties and protect the safety of one party.As a member of the grid, he always does not forget the responsibility on his shoulders, incarnation of “security officer”, shuttle in the streets of the village hidden trouble investigation, processing problems.Village enterprise safety production he does not say hard, regular investigation;He can often be seen in the fields to prohibit the “three burning” patrol busy figure;In the face of contradictions and disputes among the masses, he always patiently interprets the resolution of the law, and promptly solves the disposal……Such as villagers Yang mou, Duan Mou two people because of family disputes, and the police on the spot, he actively coordinated, patient persuasion, the two people reconciled, to avoid intensified escalation of the conflict.In addition, he also through household publicity, mobile phone wechat group and other ways to actively promote telecom fraud, anti-mafia, anti-cult, anti-drug knowledge to the masses, improve the people’s awareness of the rule of law and prevention awareness, with sweat and efforts to interpret the responsibility and responsibility of a grid member.Iii. Strict prevention and thorough investigation, and the bottom line of prevention and control.”Everyone wear masks and keep a safe distance!””Aunt, you don’t worry, id card to me, I help you operate the mobile phone.”Maintain order, register information, register “jin Quick inspection”, arrange testing sites, epidemic prevention propaganda……Every link can see his busy figure.”I’m a grid man. How can I hide in the back in a pinch?”In recent days, Feng huiyong has been busy from morning to night, neglecting to go home and forgetting to eat.The publicity of epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing, household screening and other work is the same, one thing after another, there is no room for the slightest slack or neglect.A few hours, tens of thousands of steps, from morning to night, left the mark of his hard work.In the grid member of this ordinary job post, these things are just the tip of the iceberg of his work, but also 畖 bottom town all grid member’s daily work epitome.In the next step, 畖 Dizhen will further strengthen the team construction of grid staff, constantly improve the working ability of grid staff, better serve grassroots governance, and contribute to the high-quality development of 畖.(Lin Junkai) (Editor: Han Lei, Hao Yahong)