The British actress, who died suddenly at the age of 30 for unknown reasons, was hailed as a man

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Holly Parker died suddenly on Monday at the age of 30, according to the Daily Star.Holly, who rose to fame in 2014 and has starred in some 30 erotic films, including Jay Sin’s TS Playground17 for Evil Angels, is well known and acclaimed in the industry.Brooke Zanell, a close friend of Holly’s, posted news of her sudden death on Twitter and expressed great sadness.Brooke wrote on Twitter: I am her sister and it is with great sadness and devastation that I announce to the world that we lost Holly Parker yesterday.My right-hand man, but the cause of Holly’s death is still unknown, and people don’t know why.Brooke also spoke of how important her sister was to her – her right-hand man, her singing partner, her bread and butter, their frequent trips together and how she was devastated by her baby sister’s death.Grooby founder Kristel Penn paid tribute to Holly.He said they initially hit it off online and chatted occasionally, and when they first met, it was like meeting an old friend.She and Brooke bounced around the party like elves, always bringing excitement and fun.It always made him happy, and he would miss her.Her colleague Steven Grooby was shocked and saddened by the sudden death of the popular adult performer.She said she always seemed so full of life and vitality, and that in the past six years, Holly has been quiet, not updating herself and not going out in public.Holly was last seen at TgirlPostop in 2018, after having gender confirmation surgery the year before.Holly has been a regular performer and rapper at various erotic fairs, bringing a lot of energy and fun to the stage and parties.The exact cause of Holly’s death has not yet been released.Also, just weeks before Holly’s death, Alicia Rio, a fellow performer, died of complications related to COVID-19.Steve Houston, Alicia’s ex-husband, broke the news via AVN, saying, “They did mention COVID-19.I’m waiting for the coroner’s results. She died peacefully at home.