Cui Zhihong: How to deepen the reform and development of rural collective economy under the background of common prosperity

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Rural collective economy is an economic form in which members of rural collective economic organizations carry out production and management activities and share operating benefits through cooperation and union. It is an important embodiment of socialist public ownership economy in rural areas.In recent years, the development of China’s rural collective economy has accelerated, which plays an important role in promoting the common prosperity of farmers and rural areas, especially in Zhejiang province.In the process of high quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration area, Zhejiang should deepen the reform and continue to play the role of rural collective economy in promoting common prosperity of farmers and rural areas.First, we will deepen reform of the rural land system.Land is the most important and potential resource in rural areas.To some extent, whether rural collective economy can develop and grow depends on whether land resources can be revitalized, which needs to deepen the reform of rural land system.We should accelerate the marketization of rural collective profit-oriented construction land, and improve various marketization methods, such as local marketization and off-site marketization.At present, our country rural collective business in the market of construction land use is industrial and commercial land use, can not be used in residential construction, which affect the market transaction prices, also does not conform to the rural collective business equal to state-owned land construction land market, with the right policy for the same price, should explore the collective business into the residential land market construction land.Homestead is the main part of rural collective construction land.Under the background of rapid urbanization, a large number of rural homestead are idle.Rural collective economic organizations and their members should be encouraged to make use of idle homestead and idle house and develop rural industries by means of self-management, leasing, equity holding and cooperation.We should fully open up a channel between the reform of the house land system and the reform of the rural collective profit-making construction land system, and convert unused house land and abandoned collective public welfare construction land into collective profit-making construction land and put it on the market.We should constantly improve land use policies for rural development, explore flexible and diverse land supply methods, and give priority to ensuring land use demand for rural collective economic development.Second, we will promote the development of joint village solidarity.Restricted by resources, capital, talent and management capacity, some villages lack basic conditions for the development of collective economy.Even if “thinning” is achieved on the back of policy, it is not sustainable.On the premise of not changing the basic principles of administrative village division and autonomy and respecting farmers’ wishes, we should break through the restrictions of village and town, explore the formation of various types of strong village companies, improve the “enclave” agglomeration mechanism, and realize the strong village leading the weak village, the weak village clustering development and common prosperity.Third, improve the management and operation mode of rural collective economy.In order to release the vitality of rural collective economy, rural collective economic organizations should be guaranteed the same legal protection as other economic organizations of various types of ownership.Actively promote the “political and economic separation”, with financial accounting as a breakthrough, to achieve the separation of institutions, responsibilities, finance, assets and so on between rural collective economic organizations as micro-economic subjects and villagers’ self-governing organizations, to ensure that rural collective economic organizations can independently carry out production and operation activities.At the same time, rural collective economic organizations should establish and improve the organizational structure of the board of directors, the board of directors and the board of supervisors, and establish a salary incentive mechanism and an assessment and restraint mechanism that can attract excellent management talents.Fourth, we will improve the rural collective economic income distribution system.There is no linear correspondence between rural collective economic development and common prosperity of peasants.To realize the function and function of rural collective economy to promote the common prosperity of farmers and rural areas, it is necessary to prevent the internal minority control and external capital from occupying collective assets.For the former, we should improve the reform quality of rural property rights system, implement farmers’ democratic rights as members of collective economic organizations, make rural collective economic organizations become collective economic organizations that farmers themselves have the final say, and let farmers decide the use direction and distribution form of the benefits of rural collective economic organizations.In view of the directional principle, we should not eat up all the benefits of the rural collective economy. Instead, we should strengthen its function of enriching and benefiting the people, and give full play to its role in supporting and driving low-income households to increase their incomes and promoting universal access to old-age care, aid and other public services.After extracting accumulation fund, commonweal fund, the share that should hold by farmer undertakes allocation, cannot let farmer’s equity become empty right.To the latter, should perfect rural collective assets appraisal method.At present, all localities mainly adopt the method of consultation among relevant stakeholders to evaluate the value of all kinds of resources invested by village collectives and farmers.In order to attract business entities into some places, the value of village collectives and farmers’ shares in resources is lowered in a disguised way. Farmers have strong opinions, which also affects the sustainability of rural collective economic development.We should construct a scientific and reasonable asset valuation system and form an evaluation method acceptable to all relevant stakeholders.The value of village collective resources and assets can be determined by means of bidding on the rural property rights trading platform and evaluation by a professional third-party evaluation agency.If the method of determining the value of rural collective resources and assets through consultation is adopted, a certain number of farmers’ representatives should be involved.Implementing integrated Reform of Strengthening villages and Enriching people: Developing rural collective Economy to promote common prosperity of farmers and rural areas