Dead!The striker was invisible and Holland’s brilliant 88th-minute volley gave the Blues their fifth straight win

2022-06-11 0 By

Chelsea beat Crystal Palace 1-0 in the 26th round of the Premier League on Sunday morning, with Dutch winger Ziech scoring a last-gasp winner in lukaku’s absence to lift the Blues to their fifth straight win in all competitions and remain third in the standings.Chelsea had just returned from the Club World Cup, the grand Slam winning blues were in high spirits, although the Premier League title is almost out of the question, but keen to extend the momentum tuchel still Fielding his best side.Romelu Lukaku, Zieh and Daniel Hafferts formed a front trio, with Jose Inho and Kante in midfield as Chelsea looked determined to win away from home.At the other end of the table, crystal Palace are also at home, with Patrick Vieira playing 4-2-3-1 and Louis zaha at the front.Chelsea escaped after only seven minutes when a Crystal Palace counter-attack shot went wide.Later in the match, Chelsea began to control the game with their combined strength as Pulisic’s close-range shot from the back spot failed to touch the ball and Ruediger’s 35-metre blast was saved by Guaieta.In the 20th minute kanter’s solo shot was again blocked by Guaitta.Just before half-time, Olis sent a scalpels stopper, zaha facing Mendy with a close-angle shot past the sliding bar.After 45 minutes, the two teams beat 0-0.Romelu Lukaku had only two touches in the first half, one of them coming from the centre circle as the Belgian striker was completely invisible.In the second half, Chelsea continued to strengthen their attack, with Kante and Jogenio getting involved on several occasions, but with no satisfactory results.In the 88th minute, Chelsea finally got the goal, alonso’s cross from the wing, ziech kept the ball in the box directly volleyed the goal, the blues away to complete the winner!Chelsea won their fifth straight game in all competitions with a 1-0 victory at Crystal Palace courtesy of a late goal from Ziech.At the top of the table, Chelsea remain firmly third with 50 points from 25 games and a solid foundation for next week’s Champions League knockout stage.