Cold!Antifreeze Level IV emergency response activated

2022-06-12 0 By

According to the Emergency Plan for Flood control, drought control and wind control in Guangdong Province, the Office of flood control, Drought control and Wind Control headquarters of Guangdong Province and the Department of Emergency Management of Guangdong Province issued a notice to launch the anti-freeze level iv emergency response at 21:00 on February 19.Meteorological and hydrological departments should strengthen the monitoring, analysis, forecast and early warning of severe weather, timely report forecast conclusions to the office, timely release early warning information to the public in accordance with relevant regulations, and implement rolling forecasts according to the weather situation, and timely release frequency encryption, according to the notice.Agricultural and rural departments should, according to the actual situation, organize and take effective measures to reduce the loss of planting and breeding industry caused by cryogenics.The departments of electric power, housing and construction and water conservancy (water affairs) should strengthen the monitoring and inspection of power supply and water supply pipelines to ensure the normal power supply and water supply.Civil affairs departments should organize the work of keeping the people warm and keep them warm, especially for the people living in extreme poverty, the elderly, homeless people and other difficult groups, and resolutely avoid death from freezing.Forestry, tourism and other departments should implement the defense measures in advance according to their responsibilities.The public security and transportation departments should start from the most unfavorable situation, formulate and improve the emergency plan to ensure smooth traffic, further strengthen the emergency control measures, especially to do a good job in the north of Guangdong province expressway emergency plan, timely vehicle diversion, dredging, deicing and road work, to ensure traffic safety.Agricultural, rural and maritime authorities should pay close attention to maritime customs, timely issue early warnings, timely remind and organize all types of vessels in the affected areas to return to port or move for shelter, so as to ensure the safety of vessels and personnel.The notice also asked local governments and relevant departments to urge key industries such as hazardous chemicals, mines, construction, industry and trade to prevent the adverse impact of the cold weather on production safety in advance, and strictly implement the “six and one” requirements for resuming work and production to ensure production safety.Water conservancy departments should strengthen the early warning and prevention of mountain flood disasters, strictly prevent small and medium-sized river floods in mountainous areas, strengthen the dispatching of water conservancy projects, and fully grasp the amount of rain water resources back to reservoirs as much as possible.Natural resources departments should strengthen inspections and screening of potential geological hazards, especially in key areas such as mountains, rivers, villages and highways, and implement prevention and control measures.Source: Southern Magazine Editor: Lai Xiumei Duty director: Lu Zhitong Duty editor-in-chief: Lu Liwen