Focus on quarantine. Don’t panic. Look here for instructions

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hangzhou, more and more people have paid attention to “centralized quarantine”.So why the centralized quarantine?What should be noted about centralized isolation?Take a look!Why the centralized quarantine?Timely screening of close contacts of COVID-19 cases/asymptomatic infected persons (referred to as “close contact”) and close contacts of close contacts (also referred to as “sub-close contact”) is an important part of the implementation of the “four early measures” of early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment.In addition, centralized quarantine can timely isolate and control people entering China and those in medium – and high-risk areas to avoid cluster infection of family members and community transmission.Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment can be realized through strict health monitoring and nucleic acid testing during the period of quarantine for people in centralized isolation, so as to avoid delayed illness.For others, the isolation of close and sub-close contacts at higher risk, people entering China, and people from medium-high risk areas can prevent further spread of the virus, control the spread of the virus, and ensure that the community is free of all potential sources of infection.What should be noted about centralized isolation?After receiving the quarantine notice, the quarantined personnel should arrange their daily necessities and medicines as soon as possible (especially the elderly, children and those with underlying diseases), wear comfortable clothes, and take a special bus to the quarantine point according to the guidance of the epidemic prevention personnel.During the transfer period, sit down at intervals, wear masks and other epidemic prevention items, and avoid touching the surfaces of vehicles and talking to each other as much as possible.After arriving at the centralized quarantine point, please get off the bus in an orderly manner, take your own luggage and supplies, and quickly move into your own quarantine room under the guidance of epidemic prevention personnel.After check-in, please cooperate with the epidemic prevention personnel to complete information registration, read the notice and guide carefully, especially the management measures during quarantine period.During the quarantine period, except for taking food, throwing garbage, temperature monitoring and nucleic acid testing, do not open the door unless it is necessary.Please wear a mask when opening the door, clean your hands immediately after returning to your room, and do not take a walk in the corridor, chat with others, exchange items, or visit the door.Cooperate with staff in nucleic acid sampling, temperature and other symptoms monitoring, such as fever, cough, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, abdominal pain, headache, vomiting and other symptoms, to report to staff in time.During the quarantine period, keep the room clean and tidy regularly, conduct preventive disinfection once a day and open Windows for ventilation for at least half an hour.All garbage generated in the isolation room should be put into the medical waste collection bag, which should be tied tightly before discarding and placed in the designated location.Keep a good mood during quarantine.If you feel depressed or have other emotional problems, please contact the staff at the isolation point immediately.Hangzhou Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Please note “Healthy Hangzhou” ★★