Skyworth: We don’t just make TVS, we make great cars!What about skyworth’s NEW HT-I?

2022-06-12 0 By

In April last year, a brand named “Skyworth automobile” was officially released, which made many people feel a little surprised at that time. After all, in the impression, Skyworth seems to be a major sales brand of electrical appliances, how to build cars now.In fact, the new energy brand named Skyworth Automobile was formerly known as “Tianmei Automobile” under the New energy Vehicle Group.Founded in 2019, Tianmei Automobile released its first pure electric SUV model ET5 in 2020. However, due to its high price and ordinary product strength, the car did not attract much attention after it was launched. After two years of suffering, it did not make any money, which also made trouble for huang Hongsheng, the leader behind Skyworth and KVV Group.Considering that the brand influence of the day beauty automobile is too weak in the market of new energy vehicles, Huang Hongsheng immediately decided to change the name of the day Beauty automobile “Skyworth Automobile” to start again, after all, compared to re-create the brand IP, “Skyworth” this gold signboard, how much there is some mass base.After a series of restructuring, skyworth automobile in July last year also released the first pure electric vehicles EV6, but most people can see at a glance, the all-new EV6 is actually before day beauty ET5 in skin model, comprehensive strength is very general, so for skyworth car, they need to build a stronger competitive models.Skyworth has released the official image of its new HT-I model, which is expected to be available for pre-sale in April, but will not be officially released until August.In terms of appearance, the front face of the new car adopts the aesthetic concept of “gravitational wave”, and the dot-matrix grille design makes it have a good recognition, which may become the family style of skyworth’s subsequent models.Of course, such as LED headlights, large size aluminum alloy wheel and various comfort configurations inside the car, are not too different from the current mainstream new energy models, here is no longer repeated.Compared to the exterior and interior, this new car has more highlights in the power system.It is reported that the new car will use BYD’S DM-I plug-in system. The 1.5L engine and EHS electric hybrid system are said to have a 43.04% thermal efficiency, a comprehensive range of 1267km, and a driving range of about 200km under pure electric condition. Of course, these are only theoretical parameters, and the actual performance will have to wait until the new car is launched and tested.To know.At the same time, Skyworth EV6 will also usher in new models, the appearance of the design style and HT-I some similar, size and other aspects of the change is not big, but in the battery life will be improved.After introducing the new car, I would like to say a few more words about skyworth.In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy automobile market, attracted a lot of capital and then into the office, so we’ll see such as “millet building cars”, “huawei building cars” and “Evergrande building cars” interesting phenomena, such as those in science and technology, real estate and other industries have established companies, willing to spend in building cars, indeed brought great attention to the enterprise itself,It also injected fresh blood into the domestic automobile industry.Can be interlaced, after all, such as the hills, making cars is definitely not could be completed overnight, but need to perserve “deposit”, the product quality is determine the root cause of can survive for a long time, but from the point of the current situation, most emerging car companies play, chose “shortcuts”, “ceng heat” old routines.Huang hongsheng once wanted to increase the brand influence by changing the name of “Tianmei” to “Skyworth”, but the actual effect is not ideal.And now, he wants to borrow the HEAT of BYD DM-I to improve the competitiveness of his new car, its idea or there are obvious problems.Specifically, skyworth is currently selling EV6 models, and its starting price has been as high as 165,800 yuan. The hT-I price of the new car in the future should also be likely not lower than this level, but if the price is so high, why don’t consumers directly choose BYD?The reason why Tianmei was not successful at that time was not because its name was not loud enough. Otherwise, why the new brands “Xiaopeng”, “Ideal” and “Nio” could be on the right track?In the end, it’s the product.The brand has no influence, the product has no bright spot, the price is also expensive, and the pre-sale and after-sales system is not perfect, so the probability of survival of such car enterprises is really not big.Instead of spending energy on “name” and heat, learn how to position and build a good car.Or when the tide goes out, there’s nothing left.