Tang Poetry about rain and Farewell: “Furong Building Sends Xin Gradually” by Wang Changling

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The following content is reprinted from the “classic voice” wechat public platform!”Furong Building to send Xin Jian two” is the tang Dynasty poet Wang Changling group of poems, made when the author was demoted to Jiangning (now Nanjing, Jiangsu) county cheng.The first song is about the scene of the writer seeing Off Xinjian at the riverside the next morning.The second song is about the scene where the author gave farewell dinner to Xin Jian at Furong Building on the first night.The whole poem is in the scene, feeling in the scene, implicit yun, endless charm.One wang Changling cold rain lianjiang night into Wu ⑵, Pingming send a guest Chu Mountain solitary ⑶.Luoyang friends and relatives such as phase ask ⑷, a piece of ice in the jade ⑸.Furong Building, formerly known as northwest Building, overlooking the Yangtze River and overlooking the north of the River, is in the northwest of Runzhou (now Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province).According to “Yuan and county annals” volume 26 “Jiangnan Road · Runzhou” Danyang: “Jin Wang Gong for the governor, change southwest building name long live building, northwest building name Furong building.”One here refers to Qian Yang (now Hunan Qian City) Furong building.Xin Jian: a friend of the poet.Cold rain: cold rain in autumn and winter.Lianjiang: The rain and the river surface into a piece, to describe the rain is very heavy.Wu: ancient country name, here refers to the south of Jiangsu, zhejiang northern area.Zhenjiang area of Jiangsu province was the kingdom of Wu in The Three Kingdoms period.⑶ Ping Ming: at dawn.Guest: refers to the author’s good friend Xin Jian.Chu Mountain: Chu Mountain: chu region of the mountains.The Chu here also refers to zhenjiang city area, because ancient Wu, Chu has ruled here, so Wu, Chu can be called.Solitude: to be alone or alone.Luoyang is located in the west of Henan Province, the south bank of the Yellow River.⑸ Ice heart, the metaphor of pure heart.Jade pot, Taoist concept wonderful true Taoism doctrine, specifically refers to the nature of the mind of nothingness.Lu Ji’s Ode to the Heroes of Han Gaozu has the sentence “If you have ice in your heart”, which refers to pure heart.Bao Zhao “generation of white head Yin” : “straight as zhu Silk rope, as clear as jade ice.”Also with “jade pot ice” metaphor of clean ethics.Tang people sometimes also use this metaphor for official honesty, such as Yao Chong “Curling Commandments” preface cloud “husband hole flawless, clear empty see bottom, when the official understand, there is a class is?So inside with ice clear, outside contain yu Run, this gentleman curling virtue also “.It was a night when the cold rain was all over the river. I came to Wu. After seeing off my friends in the morning, I left only the lonely shadow of Chu Mountain.When you arrive in Luoyang, if any friends or relatives ask you about me, please tell them that my heart is as pure as the ice in a jade pot, untainted by fame, wealth and other worldly feelings.This series of poems was composed in the first year of Tianbao (742), when Wang Changling came to the county of Jiangning (now Nanjing).Wang Changling kaiyuan fifteen years (727) jinshi and;Kaiyuan twenty-seventh year (739) far exiled lingnan;The following year returned to the north, since the end of the year as Jiangning Cheng, is still relegated to the official.Xin Jian, a friend of Wang Changling, planned to cross the river from Runzhou (now Zhenjiang), take Yangzhou, and then go north to Luoyang.Wang Changling may accompany him from Jiangning to Runzhou, and then break up here.These two poems should be written at this time.The time and scene of the farewell recorded in these two poems are “flashback”.The first song is about seeing my friend off by the river the next morning.The second one wrote the first night in furong Building for friends to farewell dinner.The first song to write pingming off, parting care.”Cold rain lianjiang night into Wu”, misty rain enveloped Wu Jiangtian (Jiangning area, here is the former home of Sun Wu of The Three Kingdoms), woven into a boundless sorrow net.The night rain added to the bleak autumn atmosphere and also played up the bleak atmosphere of departure.The chill was not only diffused in the misty rain, but also permeated in the hearts of the two parting friends.”Even” and “into” characters write the steady continuous rain, jiangyu quietly dynamic can be clearly perceived by people, the poet because of the lingering and sleepless scene can also be imagined.However, this picture of the misty night rain over Wujiang river, where water and sky are connected, just shows an extremely lofty and magnificent realm.Middle-late tang poems and song lyrics WanYaoPa often write rain in front of the window under the wutong, eaves iron horse, and pool the remaining trinket, while wang changling doesn’t write how to perceive the details of the autumn rain coming, he just hearing, vision and imagination as lienchiang into rain, wu with light ink stain out of the full paper misty rain, it’s with great verve foil of north fujian “citizens ChuShan solitary” open artistic conception.Early in the morning, the sky is already bright, Xin – chien is about to embark north.Looking at the distant mountains in the north of the river, the poet felt lonely when he thought that his friend would soon disappear beyond the mountains.On the vast river, not only the lonely Chu Mountain entered the poet’s vision, but the vast river was originally the most likely to arouse the association of feeling like water, from which the Tang people got countless famous sentences.However, Wang Changling did not worry about the river away with friends, but will leave the feelings of condensed note standing in the vast plain on the Chu Mountain.When his friends returned to Luoyang, they could get together with their relatives and friends, while the poets who stayed in Wu could only stand by the river like the lonely Chu Mountain, watching the water passing away.The word “solitary” is like an emotional lead, which naturally leads out the last two words of one’s parting words: “Luoyang relatives and friends such as ask each other, a piece of ice heart in jade pot.”The poet held a bright and pure ice heart from a clear and flawless jade pot to comfort his friends, which could better express his deep feelings towards his relatives and friends in Luoyang than any words of lovesickness.As early as the Liu and Song Dynasties, poet Bao Zhao used the phrase “as pure as jade pot ice” to describe a noble and unsullied character.Since yao Chong, the prime minister of Kaiyuan, wrote “Curling Commandments”, poets in the tang dynasty, such as Wang Wei, Cui Hao, Li Bai, used curling to encourage themselves, and praised the integrity of open and transparent.The message wang Changling sent xinjian to his relatives and friends in Luoyang was not the usual bamboo message of peace, but to convey his belief that he was still pure and pure and insisted on moral integrity, which was of great significance.The poet here uses the crystal clear jade pot of ice heart as a metaphor, which is based on the real understanding and trust between him and his poetic friends and relatives in Luoyang. This is not a confession of slanders, but a self-praise of contempt for slander.Therefore, the poet took a bright and pure ice heart from a clear and flawless jade pot to comfort his friends, which could better express his deep feelings towards his relatives and friends in Luoyang than any words of lovesickness.This is the common feature of tang poetry, and deep, soft and slow.”The Trail of Xie furnace hammer” (Hu Yinglin’s Poem Servu) is a unique style of Wang’s poetry.This poem that vast river rain and zhi chu mountain, not only set off the poet when the sad cold lonely feeling, but also showed the poet’s cheerful mind and strong character.Stands in the jiang butte form between bing xin on okho than like a have intention to not intentional of coordinate, is naturally associated with the poet isolated dielectric haughty, the image of Edward Chen, melted the ingenious conception and deep wan intention in an empty clear artistic conception, so the natural HunCheng, no trace, inprove, aftertaste endless.Introduction of the poet Wang Changling (698-756), word less bo, Chang ‘an people of Beijing, said taiyuan, Shanxi.In the early years of poverty and poverty, trapped in farming, nearly not confused, beginning in the Jinshi.Secretary of the provincial school book Lang, and learned macro speech, grant si Shui Wei, because of things to lingnan.Kaiyuan returned to Chang ‘an, jiangning cheng.He was relegated to the dragon.An shi chaos, killed by lvqiu.Wang Changling was a famous poet in the tang Dynasty.Yin Fan’s “He Yue Yingling Collection” takes him as a representative of “character” and praises his poems as “zhongxing Gaozuo”, and the number of selected poems is also the crown of the complete collection.Wang Changling’s poems mainly focus on three themes, namely frontier congestion, boudoir love palace resentment and farewell.Chang Ling’s poems in The Whole Tang Dynasty are evaluated as “deep thoughts and clear thoughts”, and his seven unique poems are particularly outstanding, so they are named as “seven unique holy hands”.In particular, his frontier fortress poems are fluent and uplifting, highly respected by later generations.Qu Jingyuan is a member of Dalian Language Arts Association and Shanghai Recitation Association.Founder of “Classic Voice” wechat public platform, lecturer of Dalian Language Arts Society, excellent anchor of Himalaya FM audio platform, guide and comment officer of Xibo Education Climbing Plan.For more wonderful things, please click on 0277 Wang Wei’s “Bird Song” 0276 Gao Shi’s “Yan Song Journey” 0275 Li Yi’s “Night on the City to Hear the Flute” 0274 Liu Fangping’s “Spring Snow” 0273 Meng Jiao’s “Exhortation to Learn” 0272 PI Rixiu’s “Museum children’s Palace to remember the ancient World” 0271 Luo Yin’s “Xi Shi” 011 Yan Shu I001 Zhao Ji I banquet shanting northbound see apricot flower li Ren fourth 4.2 Not good people can be long about yong also sixth 6.5 original thought for the zai Li Ren fourth 4.5 rich and expensive second 2.20 season Kang Zi ask the second 100 issue collection the first 100 issue collection audio I “We Three” book collection Yang Jiang soundTo the Edge of Life — Ask Yourself And Answer Yourself — To leave your Voice To interpret the classics with your voice, and let the beautiful words flow slowly in our hearts.41 original content public account reading 61