The quadrupling of the number of private enterprises in 10 years is not just a one-way change in numbers

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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and The State Council have continued to unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector of the economy, which has greatly stimulated the development vitality of private enterprises.From 2012 to 2021, the number of private enterprises in China increased from 10.857 million to 44.575 million, quadrupling in 10 years, and the proportion of private enterprises in the total number of enterprises increased from 79.4 percent to 92.1 percent.In the past 10 years, the number of enterprises has quadrupled. There is no doubt that this has played a very important role in stabilizing economic growth, increasing employment, improving people’s lives and promoting social stability.In particular, the international environment is facing profound changes unseen in a century. Without the role of private enterprises, it would be unimaginable.On the other hand, the number of private enterprises has quadrupled, which fully shows that China has achieved remarkable results in improving the business environment, which is very effective for enterprises and residents to innovate and start businesses.The fact is that the quadrupling of the number of private enterprises in the past 10 years is not just a one-way change in quantity, but a consideration of comprehensive environmental factors, a comprehensive evaluation and assessment, as well as a prediction and judgment on the basis and conditions of future development.The number of private enterprises has increased significantly, indicating that the business environment has improved and that enterprises and residents have a stronger incentive to innovate and start their own businesses.Without a sound business environment, people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm will not be activated, nor will companies be motivated to innovate.From the pilot reform of the administrative review and approval system to the comprehensive implementation of reform to delegate power, regulation and services, and from the pilot negative list of free trade zones to the comprehensive implementation of the negative list system, every step of reform and every action has laid a solid foundation for improving the business environment and created favorable conditions for enterprises to innovate and private enterprises.It is precisely because of the continuous improvement of the business environment that enterprises and residents have more confidence in innovation and entrepreneurship, which has led to the increasing number of enterprises and the increasing proportion of private enterprises in all enterprises.The improvement of the business environment is not only reflected in the rapid increase in the number of private enterprises, but also in the changes of foreign-invested enterprises.According to statistics, 61,000 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established in China in 2021, up 23.3 percent year on year.Among the newly established foreign-invested enterprises, the tertiary industry accounted for 91.2 percent, among which the number of newly established enterprises in scientific research and technological services increased by 42 percent.The substantial increase in the number of private enterprises also marks the enhanced role of private enterprises, their status in economic and social development has been enhanced, and their contribution to economic growth, employment, fiscal revenue increase, and improvement of people’s livelihood has increased.Private enterprises also called civilian enterprises, is the most down-to-earth enterprises, many or fireworks enterprises.Private enterprises made the largest contribution to employment, personal income growth and tax revenue growth.Private enterprises not only create jobs, but also create wealth;Private enterprises not only increase residents’ income, but also increase tax revenue.Private enterprises not only make great contribution to the economy, but also to the society.10 years, it is because the number of private enterprises has quadrupled, to ensure the residents’ employment, especially the college students’ employment have more space and more channels, more carrier, makes our country’s employment problem solving better and makes we can be more than 1000 new jobs a year, that no serious employment problems in our country.In addition, despite severe downward pressure on the economy, China has been able to maintain steady growth and become a major support force for the global economy, contributing more than 30% to global economic growth every year and more than 50% at the peak.At the same time, to ensure the steady growth of residents’ income, promote the steady improvement of consumption, thus laying a good foundation for the realization of the domestic cycle.The large increase in the number of private enterprises also marks the enhancement of entrepreneurs’ confidence, patriotic enthusiasm and innovation desire.In the past 10 years, not only the number of private enterprises has increased, but also the quality and efficiency of private enterprises have improved. In particular, private enterprises have become the leading role in import and export trade, which indicates that the competitiveness of private enterprises in the international market has been further improved.All this is inseparable from the outburst of entrepreneurial spirit and the stimulation of entrepreneurial investment desire and innovation motivation.It is the employees who create the wealth of a private company and the entrepreneurs who decide its direction.Without the role of entrepreneurs, it would be impossible for private enterprises to run well and develop continuously.Innovation, in particular, depends directly on the awareness, concept and spirit of entrepreneurs. In the past decade, the number of enterprises has increased significantly, largely due to the role of entrepreneurs.Especially after the private business forum, entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship has been significantly increased, and more people have been encouraged to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.Therefore, private enterprises also become the main force of innovation, become the main force of all kinds of inventions and creations.As long as we stick to the principle of “unswervingly upholding the two principles”, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, and further improve the business environment, the private economy will surely develop even better, the people will have a stronger desire to start their own businesses in the five generations and ten countries, entrepreneurs will have a stronger spirit of innovation, and private enterprises will contribute more to economic and social development.