“Warm Holiday” Cheng Shu: No acting actress of 18 lines traded a headrope for a flat

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Cheng Shu: Cheng Man’s sister is lazy and vain. She loves work and doesn’t like studying since she was a child. She always dreams of becoming a female star.Wei Qi: Cheng Shu’s ex-boyfriend, very dedicated, a workaholic, except the Spring Festival almost all year round.New male actors fall in love with 18 lines of female star Cheng Shu like performance, peak period played female three.But in general, because there is no acting, toss over for many years also in the play.She and Wei Qi acquaintance is in the cast, that is wei Qi for the first time.Because is new, Wei Qi often nervous to remember words, also not familiar with scheduling, because the old delay filming progress, the staff are annoyed with him.So, one day at noon the crew put dinner, Wu Xing eldest brother together to whole him, put him hanging in the wiya all went to eat, is Cheng Shu passing to see, find two field teacher put him down.At that time, the whole cast of people take turns to bully Wei Qi, only Cheng Shu feel that he is an honest child, a time to teach him.Slowly, Wei Qi fell in love with Cheng Shu.The end of the day, the cast dinner, Wei Qi drink big, pull Cheng Shu crying desperately, don’t let Cheng Shu go, also brought from the big jade pendant hanging in Cheng Shu’s neck.In the face of Wei Qi’s love, Cheng Shu is now made a decision – after resolutely can not take Wei Qi.Cheng Shu and Wei Qi together Cheng Shu refused Wei Qi because she felt that this kind of cast colleagues produced ambiguous feelings are not reliable, the film is finished, a mobile phone, two people go their separate ways, when can meet again are monkey things.Even when you have a relationship, it’s hard to stay stable.Fast food love, Cheng Shu is not interested in.So she gave it back to Wei Qi.The turning point in their relationship occurred during Cheng Shu’s hospitalization.Cheng Shu film fell off the horse, Wei Qi know after pushed off the play about to take care of her hospital.Good women also afraid of spoony, Cheng Shu finally softenhearted promised weiqi courtship.Actors this career is very passive, Cheng Shu and always put money on the mouth, Wei Qi pressure is very big, just picked up a pile of costume drama, accompany Cheng Shu in Hengdian.Cheng Shu want to buy a house, Wei Qi for her to pay half of the down payment.Later, Wei Qi with hukou, with Cheng Shu home to see the parents, two people ready to register marriage.Cheng Shu broke up with Wei Qi later, Wei Qi was a producer, went to Hangzhou to do anchor.The two began living apart from each other.One night, the company to celebrate wei Qi fans broke ten million, held a victory party.Weiqi drink big, vomit is in a complete mess.The party ended at 3 a.m., and a female colleague took him home.Because can not hit a car, Weiqi let female colleagues sleep in bed, he squeezed on the sofa for a night.The next day, taking advantage of the cast for scenery can rest two days cheng Shu arrived.She found a girl in Weiqi under the pillow rope, on the spot and Weiqi quarrel, slam the door and go.Cheng Shu and Wei Qi break up another secret things happened, Cheng Shu did not give Wei Qi explain the opportunity to shield him.In fact, Cheng Shu and Wei Qi break up another secret.Before that, they had barely spoken for half a year.Wei Qi busy to midnight every day, back to the room to sleep.Cheng Shu looking for him, he always very late to return to her message, and never make a video call with her.Every time we talk, we say we’re tired and sleepy.Therefore, Cheng Shu and Wei Qi break up, not only because of a head rope caused by misunderstanding, but also because of accumulated complaints and already exhausted trust and dependence.Of course, there is one of the most important reasons, that is Cheng Shu as early as refused to pursue weiqi confessed – Weiqi is not the type she likes.So, in fact, there is no head rope, Cheng Shu or sooner or later will jilted Wei Qi.Cheng Shu calculation Wei Qi, a head rope for a suite Cheng Shu had been tired of getting along with himself and Wei Qi mode, and wei Qi pillow under the head rope became the last straw of the relationship.Cheng Shu took this opportunity to smoothly and Wei Qi broke up, and Wei Qi out of guilt, not only did not let Cheng Shu put their down payment back, but also because of the fear of Cheng Shu can not afford the mortgage, go to her broadcast room to brush all the living expenses and mortgages to brush the gift brush cheng Shu.Cheng Shu finally sold the house at a high price, in a beautiful place to build a b&B, when the boss.Who says 18 line female star does not have acting skill, break up farce with wei qi, it is the best work that she plays.