【 Winter and Spring offensive 】 continue to power, outcrop hit!Huangtang police station arrested 5 drug addicts in succession

2022-06-12 0 By

Since the end of the New Year holiday, Shaoyang County Public Security Bureau huangtang police station in line with a highly responsible attitude to the people, further strengthen the responsibility, detailed responsibility, increase the area of drug-related criminal activities of the crackdown.Zero tolerance for drug-related crimes has been maintained, and efforts have been made to maintain the stability of public order and improve the safety index of the people.Through the investigation of the distribution of control, deep digging investigation, extensive collection of clues and other measures, huangtang police investigating the case on the collection of drug related criminal clues in-depth investigation and combing, fighting for four days and three nights, in February 12 to 15, arrested Li mou, Wang mou, He Mou, Deng mou and other five drug users.At present, Li mou, Wang mou, He Mou, Deng mou and other 5 people have been shaoyang County police take administrative compulsory measures in accordance with the law, the case is being further handled.Edited by Yi Zeyu Reviewed by Zhang Yang And Zhang Gaohua Contributed by Huangtang Police Station