Yuecheng District of Shaoxing city helps build a beautiful town with its cultural beauty

2022-06-12 0 By

In recent years, yuecheng District of Shaoxing city, while improving the external appearance level of the beautiful town, has been improving its culture, constantly excavating its own cultural deposits, concentrating on the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, flourishing the cause of traditional folk art, and adding new color to the construction of the “humanistic beauty” of the beautiful town.Yuecheng District takes the promotion of the cultural beauty of the beautiful town as its focus, attaches importance to the historical remains, inherits the folk art, and constantly adds vitality to the creation of the beautiful town.On the basis of protecting the historical pattern, fusheng Old Street and Doumen Old Street should be comprehensively renovated, repaired and upgraded.② Protect and dig local culture excavate and promote local characteristic culture, focus on protecting and developing Lu Xun culture, southern Song Dynasty culture innovation lotus flower falls and other intangible cultural heritage performance forms, and actively cultivate “one village, one product” characteristic cultural brand.③ Comprehensive promotion of public cultural services fully explore the rural “grassroots” strength, expand the cultural team, combined with all kinds of festival activities, has carried out “blessing festival”, the Southern Song Dynasty cultural festival, four seasons festival and other popular cultural activities, realize the masses enjoy public cultural services at home.Improving infrastructure and enhancing service capacity is not only a spiritual bond that binds people together, but also a key factor in improving people’s well-being.This year, the city to improve the life satisfaction for the purpose of mass culture, in order to realize the equalization of public cultural services, normalized to the goal, to enhance investment in public cultural construction, gradually establish a global network of public cultural services covering street residents built home “culture”, the mass culture acquisition and life happiness.Every street and every community should have at least one cultural team. On this basis, we should constantly increase the investment in cultural funds, provide better services according to the development needs of cultural teams, and improve the overall image of cultural teams in all aspects.② Carry out a wealth of cultural and sports activities in the streets of Yue Cheng District has the party history study education theme red song, Doumen cultural and Sports festival ping-pong contest and other theme activities, through a variety of forms of cultural activities, to meet the needs of different levels of groups, for the street residents dedicated wonderful cultural feast.③ Build intelligent service platform innovative use of cultural auditorium intelligent service application platform, the masses through the “point” to achieve “private customization” of cultural services, the street “what” and the masses “what” effective docking, truly create “spiritual home” for the masses.We will strengthen the integration of culture and tourism, inject development momentum into the integration of culture and tourism, and ensure that tourism attracts more people.① Improve cultural and tourism service facilities strengthen cultural and tourism supporting services, starting with a number of key projects, comprehensively improve public transportation, business services, cultural and sports services and other cultural and tourism supporting facilities, to promote the improvement of cultural and tourism service supporting facilities.(2) Accelerate the construction of scenic villages and towns based on natural resources, with historical and cultural heritage as the highlight, and actively build provincial AAA scenic cultural tourism towns.Promote the construction of new street tourist service centers, new area guide system, select tourism routes, develop tourism products, so that every tourist can feel the cultural heritage of the city.(3) development needs of era of new forms of tourism, people need, give full play to “travel +” integration, catalysis, already formed the agriculture brigade brigade, wen brigade, kang brigade, body and so on one batch of multi-cultural, high added value, growth good tourism new formats, is open for tourism, and other industries grafting to speed up the transformation of the new space, new purpose.