James cried because he was on your team!

2022-06-13 0 By

With the announcement of Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka, the early season in full swing against the NBA’s second toughest devil arena has officially entered the stage of lying down.Westbrook’s courtside scene caught Skip’s eye!In the final minutes of the bucks and lakers game, the Lakers failed to catch up, and the lakers’ big three were put on the bench early. Emoj, James and Eyebrows looked solemn.Westbrook, who sat out the final quarter, patted his eyebrows and chatted with James on the shoulder, as if hoping to amuse them.Asked by NBA reporters after the game what the conversation was about, Westbrook said he offered some encouraging words and was eager to help them out on the court.Such ‘comfort’ made the famous Black Skip laugh.Lebron’s relationship to Skip is at a level where lebron could lose his job without him.He was sympathetic to James on the show: he had to adjust to the sad occasion by forcing a smile on Russell’s face.”If lebron is crying, it’s because of you Russell!Don’t console him, lebron is sad, he was your teammate all along. “Would the lakers be able to pull themselves together without Westbrook?American media has launched a discussion on this topic!In fact, even with westbrook out most of the time, the lakers were a mess, and they didn’t do much better in their DNP games.Of course, as Perkins said, Westbrook’s confidence is at the lowest point of his career, and the lakers’ home boos are wearing westbrook down, which is probably Los Angeles, not Oklahoma City or Washington.It is worth mentioning that Westbrook’s value after the Lakers play?According to NBA scouts, if Westbrook wants kuzma back, it might need a first-round pick.